How to Throw a Great Rooftop Party in London

Sunny days and balmy nights are the perfect times to host that summer city favourite, the rooftop party. There’s a lot of planning that goes into throwing an epic rooftop party, but we’ve got you covered with eight handy tips.

Tips for throwing an amazing rooftop party

1. Create some shade

Your rooftop venue may already have some shade structure built-in. If so, score! If not, and your party starts during the day, make sure to add a few umbrellas, canopy, or string some shade material to create some relief from the sun. While some guests may want to bask in the warm sunshine, others may want, and probably should get, a bit of shade every now and then.

2. Create plenty of comfy seating

Unless you want your guests to stand the whole party, which will be tiring and a deterrent for a good time, plan to have plenty of comfortable seating. If your rooftop doesn’t have enough comfortable outdoor seating, grab a few outdoor rugs and place plenty of cushions and pillows on top for the ultimate in lounging and reclined relaxing.

3. Add some decorations

Liven up your decor by adding some decorative and colourful touches. You’ll be amazed at what a few well-placed potted plants and jasmine bouquet decor can do. Other easy decoration ideas include whimsical paper lanterns and balloons. 
In addition to balloons and lanterns, inflatable decorations can be a fun and easy way to add some colour and excitement to a rooftop party as well. They are easy to tailor to your party theme and add a special flavour to the decorations. If the theme of your party is Valentine’s day then Valentine inflatables will help you create the mood with a giant heart or any symbol that you think might best decorate your venue. Or if you are hosting a Spring party then Easter inflatables in the shape of bunnies or eggs will serve as the main backdrop for taking pictures. Inflatable decorations can be easily set up and taken down, and they are often lightweight and portable, making them a convenient choice for a rooftop party. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for inflating and deflating the decorations safely.

4. Have plenty of drinks

It’s not a party without some drinks, so make sure you have plenty on hand. Cold beer and chilled wine are easy. If you plan to serve cocktails, make sure you have plenty of ice and mixers as well. Keep everything chilled with plenty of coolers.

For easy party planning, pick one cocktail as your party’s signature drink and pre-make a big batch of it. Store it in a drinks cooler or in pitchers. You can also set up self-serve drinks stations for your guests to make their own, so you don’t have to spend the whole party playing bartender. Or you can go all out and hire a professional bartender to make and serve drinks.

Also make sure to have plenty of water, both still and sparkling, as well as non-alcoholic drinks, such as soda, juices, and lemonade, which can also double as mixers for cocktails.

5. Feed your guests

You’ll want to have some food so your guests don't go hungry. Stick with easy-to-eat snacks and appetizers, like finger foods and bite-sized morsels that won’t make a mess. Cut fruits are a good option as they’re refreshing and hydrating. For something heartier, grab a portable grill that you can easily carry to the rooftop venue for summer BBQ favourites, like sausages and burgers.

For serving, go easy on yourself and stick with paper or plastic plates. Ideally, all the food can be eaten without utensils, but if you must, stick with disposable ones. You can pass around dishes on large trays, or better yet, just set up a table where your guests can help themselves.

6. Think about lighting

If your party will run past sunset, you’ll want to make sure there’s sufficient lighting, both for safety and for ambience. Fairy lights or Christmas lights are easy and can set a festive mood. You can string them up or put them inside mason jars. Add a few lanterns or tiki torches for a tropical vibe.

Consider adding a few citronella candles for ambience and to keep the midges at bay. Just make sure you have enough outlets and extension cords if you need to plug anything in.

7. Cue up some music

A little bit of background music can go a long way to help set the mood and get the party going. At the very least, you should create a playlist on your phone or laptop and play it through some decent-sounding outdoor speakers. You’ll probably want to have several playlists for different moods, from mellow to upbeat.

If your budget can swing it, hire a local DJ for a few hours for a truly memorable party. For a different vibe, consider a local musician, or ask a few friends to bring their guitars or other instruments for an impromptu jam session.

8. Capture the memories

Make memories at your epic rooftop party with some fun party photos. Set up an area of the roof or designate a corner with fun backdrops, costumes, and props for your guests to take photos in. To go all out, you can even rent a party photo booth with everything you need to perfectly capture the good times.

Partying on the roof, al fresco

To make your party more memorable, you can also set up small games with exciting prizes such as bar blades, tankards or an iconic refillable lighter that you can get in bulk from a wholesale start lighters store without ruining your budget.

There’s nothing like a good rooftop party, especially if you’re in London, as it’s a chance to enjoy the outdoors with good company and good views. The tips in this article will help you plan and throw a memorable rooftop party. If your building has a rooftop and you have permission to use it, then you are all set. If not, there are plenty of great event venues in London with rooftops that you can book for your stylish spring or summer shindig.

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