How To Get Your Dog To Sleep Soundly

Those of us who are dog lovers really worship our dogs. Dogs are so loving and give this love unconditionally. We love to look after our dogs and keep their well-being at heart, so when there is something wrong with their health, like sleep problems, it becomes a worry. However, there are many things you can do to help your dog get a good nights sleep. Let's have a look at how you can get your dog to sleep soundly. 

Sleep varies

dog sleeping

Depending on the age of the dog their sleep varies. If you have a puppy they may sleep 18 hours a day but an adult dog will sleep between 12 to 15 hours a day. So if your puppy or dog is not sleeping enough then have a look at what you can do to help.

Set a routine

Setting a sleep routine is important, just as you do with your kids.  Ensure you give him his food at the same time and allow him to digest it before bed. Take your dog for a walk in the evening then keep the environment calm when you return so the dog has time to wind down.  Exercise is important to ensure your dog gets tired. It's also the time for them to relieve themselves. If you have a big dog it will need more exercise than a small dog. If your dog knows his routine then he will settle into it.


Make sure your dog has its own large dog bed or doggy basket that is comfortable to sleep in or an area he knows is his. Perhaps this area has a dog blanket and his own special comforting toy made for dogs.  Letting your dog share your bed isn't a good idea as it can disrupt the sleep of you both. So be strict in this area. 


dog sleeping

As I said above keep the environment calm at night after your dog's walk. Make sure there is no loud TV and set the lighting to low.  Ensure as well that the area isn't too hot or too cold for your dog. Once it's your dog's bedtime settle him to his sleep area, use a soothing tone and then shut out the light. Your dog will then know that it is time to sleep.


If you find your dog still isn't sleeping it's worth getting him checked over by a vet. There may be underlying medical conditions that are affecting your dog's sleep. It's worth getting your dog checked out for peace of mind. Some conditions affecting your dog's sleep could be that they have kidney problems or diabetes and so need to go to the toilet a lot disrupting sleep, or they are in pain from arthritis. If your dog is anxious this can also lead to sleep problems in dogs.

If you want to find out more check out this post on getting your dog to sleep soundly and follow the hashtag SleepForDogs. Let me know if you have a dog, and what you have done to help them sleep soundly. 

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