5 Ways To Make Some Extra Money As A Side Hustle

If you are looking to make some money as a sideline or as they call it in the US, a side hustle, then you've come to the right place. There are lots of ways to make some extra money, some are easy and some you have to put the extra effort in but can give bigger rewards. Let's have a look at 5 ways to make some extra money as a side hustle 

1. Renting out 


If you own your home then renting out a room or even the whole house when you are on holiday or travelling the world can be very lucrative and bring in some great financial rewards. There are companies that can help you rent out and take a small commission like VRBO and Airbnb, and before you know it you can make a great extra income. If you are worried about not being around you can use an Airbnb management service like GuestReady that can manage your listing, and clean and prepare you home for guests. By using a management service you can help keep renting out hassle-free, you just need to sit back and count your money. GuestReady is operating in over 25 cities, including Bordeaux, Porto, and Dubai.

2. Dropshipping

dropshipping warehouse

If you haven't heard of dropshipping, listen up as you can make a really decent income from it. Dropshipping is where you sell a product but you don't keep it in stock. You use a fulfilment service which can do jobs such as filling stand up pouches, filling boxes and packing the product. The item is then shipped by them directly to the consumer. 

Dropping with a company like Shape, has a major benefit in that you don't have to spend money on the stock in advance and storage to keep the products. It's also easy to get started, you don't have to look for a warehouse to keep the product or handle returns as the fulfilment centre does all that for you. It's a great low-overhead way of making money. The fulfilment centre makes a commission on each item sold. The amount you earn depends on how many products you sell and the price point. 

3. Teaching English online


If you have a good command of the English language and especially if you are a native English speaker then you could teach English online. It's advisable to gain a TEFL (Teaching English As A Foreign Language) or TSOL (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages) qualification first but these can be done online with an online TEFL course, or something similar. If you are a UK qualified teacher or if you have a degree the company may take you on without the TEFL or TSOL certificate. You need a computer or laptop, headphones, a Webcam and a Wi-Fi connection to make this work. Companies such as Palfish, ITutorgroup and VIPKids pay you per class or per hour and when you are more experienced you can even set up your own business. Pay starts at around £10 an hour but does increase with experience. 

4. Starting a blog


If you love writing you could start a blog. It's important to think of a subject you like writing about when you start a blog to grow your audience and be authentic. As your followers on your blog and social media grow, then you will be more attractive to companies who want to work with you and use your influence. This could be review collaborations or they may pay you to advertise their products to your audience.   I started this blog in 2012 and I now run two blogs, this one and www.flydrivexplore.com as well as the Fly Drive Explore YouTube channel and I make a full-time income blogging. Getting paid opportunities don't happen overnight but if you stick at blogging the financial rewards can be good. You could also use affiliate marketing to bring in extra income.

5. Becoming A Virtual Assistant 

A Virtual Assistant or VA provides professional admin skills to clients online.  You could be updating websites, answering emails, scheduling appointments, arranging travel, posting on social media or any number of tasks required by your clients.  You need to be a great communicator, an amazing organiser and good at time management to be a VA. If you want to find work like this, check out sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour. As you become more experienced you could earn more. Pay starts at around £10 an hour but can go much higher.

So here are 5 ways to make some money as a side hustle. Have you ever thought about making some extra money in these ways?

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  1. There are some great ideas here, I have looked at dropshipping before but just never had the time to go any further

  2. I am hoping to start earning more of a regular income from my blog in the future. These are some great ideas.

  3. VA work seems to have become much more popular lately. It's great that it can be done almost anywhere too.

  4. I'd love to give dropshipping a go as I love hunting out for bargains that I could sell at a profit x

  5. These are some really great ideas on making some extra money . I’m always open to new ideas :)

  6. We just opened two Airbnbs, and it's been such a positive experience. I love it, and it's great for extra income for sure.

  7. Some great ideas here on how to make extra money on the side! Teaching is something I have done before and totally loved it

  8. Thanks, I'm going to read up some more of dropshipping, that makes a lot of sense and I haven't thought about it before. Mich x

  9. These are some great ideas! As you know I started out as a VA as a side hustle and now it provides my largest income!

  10. I do a bit of work as a VA, but it can be quite time consuming. I have looked into dropshipping a while back and it is something I may look into again in the future