7 Ways To Make Your Jewellery Packaging Unique And Special

As any business would know, packaging functions to protect a product but also has other benefits. Unique packaging is a form of product branding that makes your goods stand out from the rest of the market.

When an item hits the shelves, its packaging is believed to be the first thing that attracts and stirs the buyers’ interest. The same is true whether you’re selling an everyday item such as soap or a costly product such as jewellery.

Consider the following ways to make your jewellery packaging unforgettable.

1. Create A Unique Experience

jewellery box

Sellers should strive for a delightful experience as soon as the recipient sets their sight on the special packaging. To complement a visually appealing packaging, one thing you could do is to use a covering that seeks to highlight the element of surprise.

Make sure to have a look at the different elegant packaging options offered by Packaging World and other similar companies, whilst making some small tweaks here and there in line with your brand’s unique strategy.

2. Slight Changes Can Make A Difference

You don’t have to think out of the box and make revolutionary packaging. Some small tweaks like using a layer of lace, silk, and tulle bag instead of the usual organza fabric, can have a more dramatic impact on the buyer.

Below are said to be some of the most commonly used jewellery packaging products you may want to get familiar with.

  • Cardboard boxes are also the most common jewellery packaging. They’re often placed inside a gift bag.

  • Plastic boxes with foam inserts can take the place of cardboard boxes. Being often transparent, a plastic box isn’t so nice if you want your gift to remain a mystery though.

  • Gift bags are one of the most traditional ways in which you can present your jewellery. As mentioned, organza is the most common material.

  • Velvet pouches can also be used to protect your precious metals and create a more elegant and upmarket feel.

  • Velvet boxes often come with velvet pouches to generate a classic and luxurious look, especially with the satin lining.

To help with your branding, use distinct packaging by switching the materials used or changing the design and texture of each component used.

3. Match The Product

If you’re selling a simple product, the mantra, less is more, may fit just right, however when bespoke jewellery is concerned, you will want to go the extra mile. Complementing the valuable items inside the packaging with luxury packaging is the best way to go.

By placing your goods inside at least two layers of packaging that’s as upmarket as you can think of, your buyer will appreciate the care and attention spent in putting everything together.

4. Remember To Use The Packaging For Brand Promotion

Don’t forget to place your logo conspicuously in the package so that it’ll stick to your customers’ minds and you’ll be considered for future purchases. Placing your business details in a strategic area that ‘greets’ your customers’ eyes is one good way to consider elicit brand recall.

5. Make It Eco-Friendly

Many companies have become more conscious of the environmental impact of their manufacturing, packaging, and shipping practices. The call to reduce carbon footprint and gas emissions has made consumers lean towards eco-friendly products more.

Think of ways your customers can repurpose your packaging, so your boxes and bags end up recycled or upcycled instead of in landfill. For instance, you can ask your customers to send the packaging back for a discount on their next purchase. Not only are you encouraging them to continue to patronise your business but you’re also giving them a chance to do their part in saving Mother Nature.

6. Unconventional Is Unforgettable

Sometimes, you don’t have to stick to conventional packaging to make it special. To stand out from the rest, you may opt for materials that are not traditionally used in jewellery.  This works especially with a bespoke piece. Consider looking at wood, metal, and glass.

7. Be Generous With Extras

Besides making sure that your brand name and logo are etched in all jewellery packaging, give your customers another reason to love your product. Prevent them from throwing your packaging away by thinking of ways for clients to repurpose them.

Tuck in a small note addressing the client by the name and a brief ‘thank you’ or an inspirational note. Keep it simple for maximum impact.

The Bottom Line

The branding of jewellery packaging can help sell the product. As a seller, strive to make the packaging as unique as your brand.

I hope the points discussed in this article can help you choose your jewellery packaging from among the many options. In coming up with a special packaging that represents your brand, look for something that’s capable of creating the maximum impact.

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