5 Ways Of Creating Original Travel Souvenirs

Do you love to travel like me? At the moment many of us are not travelling far but that means each holiday is far more precious than before. In these modern times, we often take photos that are left on our phones, maybe forgotten about. It's so easy to do this, isn't it? So what about creating some original souvenirs to remember those amazing travel experiences? Here are 5 ways of creating original travel souvenirs to remember the good times. 

Personalised stickers 

You may collect fridge magnets like me but you can create your own personalised stickers at the fraction of the cost. Fridge magnets can be so expensive, I think the most expensive one I own is from the Peabody hotel in Memphis and was eight dollars! So rather than collect them, consider making your own stickers instead of your own photos or colourful travel icons.  Check out how to make your own stickers here, and have a personalised way of remembering your travels.

Create a photobook

Creating a photo book is a great way of putting all your best photos into a book to display. It can easily be done these days online or with an app from your phone. This is a fantastic idea for special holidays too. Looking back on those memories are priceless. Check out my review of a Photo Book I created and read about how easy it was to do. You can even create a magazine style book for the coffee table. 

Create a canvas

Creating a canvas is one way of remembering that great vacation. I created the canvas above with Canvas Champ and again it was surprisingly easy to do. If you see an iconic image on your travels, like a photo of the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower or New York skyline, why not take a photo yourself and use that for your own personalised canvas on your wall?



Journalling is a fantastic way of creating your own original travel souvenir and often gets forgotten about. Writing down your planning for the trip, as well as your thoughts and a diary each day, is a lovely way to document your holiday. You can even stick in postcards or other mementoes of your travels like plane or train tickets. Travel journals can be picked up relatively cheaply and reading all your travel stories back can be very evocative. 


Mel and Marcus photos

You don't have to be a digital expert to have a YouTube channel. My husband and I created Fly Drive Explore in 2016. At first, it was for our own travels to look back on. Now it's a growing channel that makes money on YouTube with a blog attached too. It's helpful if you have a video camera but a smartphone with video is perfectly fine to create content and publish it online these days. It can also be just for you and no one else has to see the content as well. So start creating, you never know you may be the next Stephen Speilberg!

So these are 5 ways of creating original travel souvenirs. Have you done any of these ideas? How do you document your travels? 

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