How Wall Stickers Can Give A New Look To Your Home

Everyone deserves a living space whose appearance, ambience, and style reflect their taste. However, achieving this can be expensive, especially when you consider the cost of the options available. Whether you go for painting, wall art, or murals, they will leave a sizable hole in your pocket.

Wall stickers are inexpensive compared to the other options, and applying them requires little expertise. A cheap and easy alternative they offer a solution to many challenges that the previous alternatives encounter, and they also have their many benefits. So, let’s look at the benefits of using wall stickers for your home decor.

Chic and authentic

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If you want your home to match the recent trends in home decoration, then wall stickers are for you. Wall Stickers offer a stylish and fashionable look to a room as well as being customisable. So, if you want your favourite picture on your wall, you can get it. You want your name written stylishly in a specific font, you've got it.

This added option of creativity and personalisation adds to its authenticity. You know for certain that whatever design you have on your wall space, no one else has it elsewhere. It's unique to you with personalisation.

Easy application and removal

One big bonus of wall stickers is the ease of applying and removing them. Almost anyone can apply or remove them effortlessly. All you have to do is peel off the paper on the back and place it on the wall. It is important to clean the wall surfaces before you apply the stickers and let it dry. As you place it on the wall, ensure that it sticks evenly. This takes just a couple of minutes and you have an entirely different room.

Wall stickers are not permanent, so to remove them, just peel them off, and you’re done. This is good news because unlike painting which leaves you with unsatisfied results if you make a mistake, you can easily remove a wall sticker if you don’t like what you see. So whatever the mistake, you have nothing to worry about.


There are various alternatives to redecorating your home. You can go for wall art, murals, or even go full scale and give it a fresh coat of paint. None of these options however offer the same level of cost-effectiveness that wall stickers do. Murals and wall art or paintings require a sizable chunk of money, added to the labour that installing them may require.

Wall stickers provide the same artistic effect that you get from murals and wall art, but at a much cheaper price. Unlike other options, wall stickers are also easy to install, requiring little expertise. This has made them popular among businesses and homeowners as well as people who rent who may not be allowed to make permanent changes to the walls.

Variety of choices

Some people will argue that painting also offers a variety of options, however, there are infinitely more choices available in wall stickers. Choices are available based on factors like colours, shades, forms, and patterns. Each of these factors alone offers hundreds of options.

You can get Wall stickers from Apex, Ten Stickers, Love Stickers and others in the UK. These companies offer stickers with fancy patterns and shapes, and with captivating options like photos, impactful and inspiring prints, and even 3D wall stickers. By having so many options, you can easily create different styles for different rooms.

Offer immediate transformations

Wall stickers only take a couple of minutes to install, and once done, it instantly transforms your wall. This is a contrast to paint that takes ages to dry.

The immediate transformation from wall stickers is beneficial for those moments when we impulsively feel like changing the ambience of the room. Another instance might be a situation where you are planning to have visitors and you feel a makeover of the walls is needed. 


Another benefit of wall stickers is how their installation or removal barely interferes with our day-to-day lives. Painting requires that you move furniture around, and cover it with sheets so your furniture doesn't get covered in paint, or you may even have to remove the furniture entirely from the room.

If it’s the entire house, some people even move out temporarily until the paint dries. There’s also the paint’s smell, which some find unbearable. None of these challenges come in when you choose wall stickers.


Wall stickers allow you to streamline your home decoration. It allows you to switch your home’s appearance with the least hassle. As your taste changes, you can also change the decoration to match your new look. Its customisability and this also lends itself to its appeal as a choice for decoration. However, if you do not want a customised wall sticker, there are thousands of options available that’ll still give you the resulting transformation you seek.

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