Three Common Health Conditions Affecting You At Fifty And How To Tackle Them

Looking after your health is critical, no matter your age, location, or occupation. Being mindful of any symptoms that are out of the ordinary and getting them addressed as soon as possible is essential, especially as you get older.

Following the events of the last year, there is no doubt more people are paying attention to their health and considering the ways they can tackle any health conditions they might be experiencing. Read on to discover some of the common health conditions that could affect you in your fifties and how best to tackle them.

Tooth Decay

Having your dental hygiene checked by a professional in the field is something we are brought up to do. At the first sign of pain or changes to your dental habits, book your children to see a pediatric dentist, whether as a scheduled check-up or emergency. This will prevent any lasting damage from happening and get them into good habits in adulthood.

However, according to a dependable dentist in Huntington Park
, there might come a time when you need a dental procedure or implant to compensate for the problem you are encountering. Pure Dentistry provides you with a Brisbane dentist which offers dental implants. Tackle any orthodontal issues you might be experiencing with services like these and more as you go into your 40s, 50s and beyond so you don't have to resort to dentures in your old age.

Osteoporosis Assessment

It is no surprise that your bone density decreases over time. With a multitude of factors contributing to the development of osteoporosis, you must do what you can to minimise your chances of it becoming severe.

Osteoporosis is more commonly found in women than men, especially after going through menopause. The varying levels of hormones can decrease your bone density, along with other things. According to Brisbane City Dentist, optimal calcium intake reduces bone loss and suppresses bone turnover.

Attending an annual bone density assessment and making lifestyle changes based on your results will give you the best possible chance at minimising your chances of experiencing any bone fractures or breaks moving forward.

Heart Disease

A widespread health condition affecting more than two-thirds of the adult Australian population, many people do not realise they are at risk of developing heart disease. As there is not one singular cause for heart disease, it can seem challenging to pinpoint what your risk level is like and what changes you should make to prevent the risks from increasing.

Much like an osteoporosis assessment, you should aim to attend a heart disease assessment annually as you go into your 50s. This enables you to determine your condition while also narrowing down what lifestyle changes you need to make to minimise this risk.

Eating a healthy diet, lowering your alcohol intake, taking exercise and reducing any cigarettes you might be smoking are the recommended methods for lowering your risk of developing heart disease.

While this was a short but sweet piece about common ailments and how to tackle them, I hope it has left you feeling enlightened with what you need to do moving forward. Whether you intend to make one significant lifestyle change or a couple of more minor changes, I feel confident they will make a difference to your overall quality of health in the long run.

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