6 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Skin

Most of us want to have nice skin. While many of us want our bodies to be as wrinkle-free as possible, others of us want it to be protected from the environment and blemish-free. However, many of us are sabotaging our skin health in a variety of ways. Let's have a look at the ways you could be damaging your skin and what you can do to improve it.  

1. Spending too much time in the sun

woman looking out of window

Spending a little time in the sun is great for restoring vitamin D levels, but more than 45 minutes and you should be covering up or slathering yourself in sunscreen. Even then, if you can avoid being in the full light of the sun, it will do your skin the world of good and help you to avoid fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots as we age. Sun exposure is one of the worst things for your skin, so be careful and consider getting your tan out of a bottle.

2. Not applying enough sunscreen

You might think you use sunscreen so you’re fine, but if you don’t apply enough of it, and you don’t keep topping it up throughout the day, those UV rays are going to wreak havoc on your skin anyway. Apply sunscreen liberally, and keep applying throughout the day if you want to avoid the tell-tale signs of sun damage. 

It's also important to use an effective face cream. Use a good Korean skincare moisturizing face cream day and night to provide deep hydration, leave your skin soft and supple, and reduce pigmentation. 

3. Smoking

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Smokers tend to look older than their non-smoking peers. This is because many of the chemicals found in cigarettes prevent the skin from getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs for that youthful radiant glow. If you smoke, wrinkles, fine lines around the lips and generally bad skin are more likely, so you might want to think about quitting or if you want to make things easy on yourself, switch to vaping instead. All you need is a vape kit including vape coil to get started, and it can also help you quit smoking for good. Don’t let smoking ruin your looks as it ruins your health!

4. Using a harsh cleanser

We all know how important cleansing is to keep our skin clean and flaw-free, but if you’re using the wrong cleanser, you could be doing more harm than good, harsh cleansers like soap can make your skin red, dry and flaky, whereas using an oil-based cleanser can lead to breakouts if you’re prone to oily skin. You may need to try a few out to see which works next for your skin, but please don’t keep using the wrong cleanser because your skin will not thank you for it!

5. Not getting enough sleep

sleeping woman

6. Popping pimples

It can be an almost irresistible urge, but popping your pimples could be doing your skin more harm than good. Why? Because picking and popping are bad for your health. It can lead to facial scarring; it can also introduce bacteria into the area, which is only going to make the problem worse. So, resist the urge and try using a stop treatment from the pharmacy instead.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin doesn’t have the chance to rejuvenate and you’re more likely to wake up with dark circles, eye bags or dry skin, so make getting enough sleep a priority because beauty sleep really is a thing.

Are you damaging your skin? Here are some ideas to help you stop the damage.

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