Worried About Home Schooling? Check Out These Ideas And Resources

In this current climate, we have seen so many changes. From being encouraged to socially distance or self isolate depending on your situation to eateries closing and schools being pretty much closed except for key workers children. It is safe to say things have changed dramatically in just a few days. Homeschooling is one of these things. This is an ad.

Schools in the UK closed their doors on Friday to the majority of their students and we find ourselves stuck in a situation that we never saw coming - parents having to homeschool their children. With this happening, I wanted to share with you some great resources for homeschooling as we all try to find our feet. The Government also have a really helpful guide to educating your child at home.

Set up a space for learning

If you don't normally homeschool your children and have been forced to, due to what's happening in the world, then you will have to adapt to these changes. One of the first things you can do is set up a space for learning. It can be tempting to let your child do their work on the sofa or in their bedroom but a specific learning space is definitely the way to go - a desk or a dining table would probably be the best option. Ensure they have everything they need for their work and no distractions in clear sight.

Create a schedule

If your child would normally be in school, the child's school should offer you guidance. I have seen so many people who say they are going to stick rigidly to the schedules given to them by the school whereas others say they are going to play it by ear. I would suggest creating a schedule where education is a priority but also plan in break times. Children need a clear structure and this will help you as a parent too.

Online sites are your friend

There are many online sites to help your child with their studies such as BBC Bitesize which links into the National Curriculum and BBC Teach which has free video resources, whilst Duolingo offers free language lessons for kids. If you have younger kids the Artful Parent has loads of creative projects, while the National Literacy Trust has great resources for kids, teachers and parents. Many museums have online virtual tours too, so you can check out the wonderful artefacts from the British Museum and Musée d’Orsay, Paris and others, from the comfort of your home.

Utilise Facebook groups

There were already plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to home education but many more have been created in the past few days by people in the same boat. These are packed full of ideas for creative things to do and how we can encourage learning from home without making it boring. We have to remember that this is just as strange for our children, if not more so, and we need to help them as much as we can. These groups can offer great support to parents too.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We have all been thrown in the deep end with this so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are a little overwhelmed. Private tutors are a godsend if there is a particular topic you are struggling with and the best thing is they can teach face to face or online. Search for ' tuition centre near me'  for tutors that can help you. In the current situation, we are in, being able to access a tutor online is very helpful indeed. Tutor House has a number of experienced and passionate tutors who are willing to help your child and the company only accepts the top 20% of applicants for jobs so you really know the tutor you have is up to the job. 

Be creative

Yes...the children will have to do their Maths, English and other topics from home, but why not consider being a little creative? We can’t really get out and about at the moment but why not explore your garden and teach them more about insects? Why not work on their arts and crafts skills by getting them to paint a particular picture? Learning through play is so important, they can even learn with building Duplo or Lego.  Sometimes being creative is exactly what your child needs to light that spark to get learning again.

Are you having to educate your child at home at the moment? Do you have any top tips?


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