Moving Your Office As Stress Free As Possible

If you've done your fair share of moving in your time - both home and business - you will know how it can be very stressful. If you have ever considered having to move all the stuff from your office to another location - you will realise, it isn’t just your own personal belongings that you need to think about. There are so many different things to consider such as your IT equipment, your furniture and your stationery, among plenty of other things. This is an advertorial.

Luckily there are companies such as M25 Movers London that can help you with office removals. Here are my top tips for making your office move as smooth and as seamless as possible.

Hire trusted office movers

You may want to try and do it all yourself but trust me, those trained in office removals are worth their weight in gold. Many removal companies such as this will arrange the move to have minimal impact on your business - helping you to move either in the evenings or at weekends when you are closed.

Movers such as this will also help pack your boxes with great care but quickly and efficiently. Some may even offer storage facilities if your new location isn’t quite ready yet - be sure to ask about things like this when obtaining a quote from them.

Assign everyone a job

If you work in an office, you’ll have plenty of employees or colleagues. Assign everyone jobs to make the move a lot easier. Make everyone responsible for clearing out their own desk or area and ensure that communal areas are sorted as well.

Consider your technology

An office move can be very stressful when it comes to technology. Everything needs to be disconnected properly but reconnected properly at the new property without impacting on the business in any way.

Label your boxes

Just like there are different rooms in your house which house different things, there will also be different areas or rooms for your different office stuff. By labelling the boxes for each different area, you will make sorting stuff out a lot easier.

Think about your communications

Start getting your address changes in place. You will probably need some new business cards, letterheads and other similar things with your new address so consider ordering them before you actually move. Also, get in contact with your clients and let them know your new address and what day you will finally be moved into your new property.

Move non-essential things slowly but surely

Whilst you may be hiring a removal company to deal with the furniture and technological equipment, you might want to consider transporting some of the smaller stuff across as and when you can. Office plants, tea and coffee for the big move day to offer the movers and the staff, these kind of things.

An office move is a big undertaking but it can be a simple and easy process if you bear in mind these top tips. With everyone knuckling down and working together, you will be able to celebrate your new office in no time at all!

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