Attention Londoners - How To Do Chores Like A Professional Home Cleaning Company

Ever wondered how professionals do it? They come round to your house and blitz it, leaving it looking superb. This is an advertorial.

London Living is a Life in The Fast Lane

If you live in London, chances are you are a busy professional who is not a passionate cleaner by heart. Odds are you are very time poor and it is highly likely that you have used (or are regularly using) the services of a professional domestic cleaning agency. It's a fact that most London based companies bill by the hour instead of by the session. You might be amazed at how your cleaner manages to get through the chores so quickly, while the same tasks seem to take you just about all day.

So How Do They Do It? 

Stay Focussed 

One of the reasons why a pro cleaner gets the job done quickly is because he or she doesn’t get distracted. This means no phone calls, no checking the email or social media, no conversations with other people – and no picking up magazines or switching on the TV.

Have the Tools to Hand

Cleaners don’t keep all their tools and products in the cupboards and then spend time heading back and forward getting new sprays, dusters, etc. Cleaning equipment that you use all the time should be taken with you – brushes, sprays, rags and the like. Carry them everywhere you go in a professional cleaning apron with big pockets, a trolley or a suitable box or basket.

Streamline Your Cleaning Products

Professionals don’t use one sort of cleaner for the bathroom, another for the toilet, another for the kitchen and another for your dining room. Instead, multipurpose cleaning products are the way to go. You can choose commercial products (sprays, detergents, disinfectants, etc.) or home-made green cleaning products as you wish.

Allow Dwell Time

Some cleaning sprays and disinfectants need time to work. Spray them on and leave them to do the work while you tackle another task. Then come back and wipe where you sprayed. The chemicals in the product will have done most of the hard work for you.

Be Systematic 

Don’t work in a random pattern but have a system. This way, you ensure that you cover all the area to be cleaned. If you’re tackling one room on several levels, work from top to bottom (this means that you don’t end up doing the floor twice).

Use Both Hands

Use both hands as much as you can. You have two hands for a reason. This means that you can spray a cleaning product with one hand and wipe with the other. Or you can use a duster in each hand. This does mean that you’ll have to put down your basket of tools from time to time.

Wear Rubber Gloves

A lot of cleaning chemicals are pretty harsh, which means that prolonged contact with them will hurt your skin. So, protect your mitts with a good set of rubber gloves, like those from unigloves.

Dress the Part

Although you don’t need to wear a maid’s uniform, you do need to wear clothes that (a) allow you to move freely (no long sleeves getting in the way or tight skirts preventing you from moving) and (b) you don’t mind getting dirty or damaged. Old track pants or and T-shirts that have seen better days are ideal.

Stop and Look

When you think you have finished a surface or a room, stand back and get the big picture. Have you missed any spots? If you are tired of cleaning and are looking for cleaning services in the US try Happy Home Cleaning Services

If you still think the above is hard work and you'd rather binge-watch Black Mirror on Netflix, then the next step is quite clear. Hop on Google and search for your domestic cleaner. Don't forget to check references from previous employers or speak to reputable recommended companies covering your local area. Good luck!

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