3 Useful Tips for Saving Money at Home and Everyday

Many of us are all too comfortable with our routines, from day-to-day activities to the amount of money being taken from our bank accounts each month. We’ve all seen the adverts telling us that we can get the cheapest deals if we sign-up to a particular service, but many of us just bat these to the side for the sake of convenience. 

Companies are constantly changing their prices, rates, and offers to appear more competitive to new customers, but those with existing loyalties can capitalise on these shifts. Of course, the inconvenience of changing aspects such as bills and shopping is what puts most people off, but now, it’s easier than ever to make a small change which could save you a lot of money.

Here’re some top tips for how you can save money at home and every day through very simple little manoeuvres.

You’d be surprised how much power you have

The state of home phone and broadband has changed significantly, even just over the last couple of years. The rise of mobile phones, mobile internet, streaming platforms, and video gaming has significantly altered how suppliers approach the market. As you might assume, many landlines are becoming a thing of the past, with mobile phones being the main contributor to landline usage falling by 50 per cent between 2012 and 2017. As such, those who want to a new landline brought in or have an existing landline can haggle down the price with relative ease.

A lot of home phone deals are tied to broadband bills these days, to keep the phone offering relevant. Here, due to a great deal of competition in the sector and many services actively improving their offering, it’s possible to negotiate a better price. Simply by calling your supplier, you can ask for a better price on your plan or a plan that better suits your usage – both of which will save you money. Potentially, for more savings, you could just do away with your home phone altogether.

Cutting your biggest bill

Any homeowner’s most significant bills are bound to be their mortgage. Regardless of how well you initially negotiated the fees or the quality of the rate that you were offered, mortgages become more expensive at the end of their initial terms. This is why people are coming around to the idea of remortgaging periodically throughout the duration of their loan.

However, most people are put off by this prospect, with mortgages being hard and time-consuming to land in the first place, making remortgaging appear to be an arduous task. This used to be the case, but now that professional remortgage comparison brokers like Trussle have set-up shop online to help you compare mortgages, finding a more favourable deal when it’s time for you to remortgage to avoid hefty increases in payments is very easy.  
Bad credit loans can be easy to get but be sure you can pay them back.

If you have to take a short term loan, be sure to only go to reputable brokers like Little Loans. 

Make the most of supermarkets wanting loyalty

While the location of your home is usually the factor which dictates the supermarket that you use for all of your grocery shopping, many of us have a choice between several stores. We all have our preferred shop, but by taking a look at loyalty programmes put in place, perhaps you’ll find that going elsewhere is better for you in the long run. All stores offer something a bit different, from the myWaitrose rewards to the Sainsbury’s Nectar card, so be sure to check them out to see if you can save money or reap more rewards by shopping in a different store.

Consider haggling with your service provider, getting a broker to conduct your remortgage, and seeing if any loyalty cards can bring your money-saving rewards down the line.


  1. I use comparison sites for my utilities, it's a great way to save money

  2. Some great tips especially at the moment when money is tight, thanks.