Best Dishwashers 2020 - Your Guide To The Latest Technology

Arguably the hardest working home appliance in your house, a dishwasher, is among the best investments a homeowner can make. Not only does it save you the stress and time of washing your dishes, but it can also help you conserve water and energy with eco-settings, possibly reducing your overall utility bill.

Currently, there are multiple options available. This is primarily since these appliances keep evolving, continually bringing new advanced functions and better quality each time. This flurry of options and modifications, however, makes it quite challenging for many buyers to sift through and land the ideal choice. So, how then do you choose the best dishwasher 2020 from an assortment of brands and models? This is a collaborative post.

If you are looking to get your current dishwasher fixed try but if it can't be fixed here are some options for a new one. 

While a lot of effort and research is necessary to find the perfect dishwasher, this guide has made it easier for you by carefully selecting the best dishwashers in 2020. So let's check out what this guide says.

1. Best Overall: Bosch 500 Dishwasher SHPM65Z55N

From the 44dB impeccably quiet level to its stainless steel tub, this Bosch appliance is designed to blend in your kitchen perfectly. The 500 series Bosch dishwasher features an Auto Air Dry door that opens ajar, allowing moisture out once the cycle is complete. What's more, fantastic features like FlexSpace tine and EasyGlide racks means you can well customize the appliance to your delight. And with three racks, it offers ample space.

As for washing power, it features 5 wash cycles and exclusive options for optimal flexibility. Also, it includes Speed60 cycles and Sensor Wash, in addition to the popular pocket handle which will ideally complement your kitchen appeal.

Finally, it is available in multiple body styles and colour options.

2. Best Budget Dishwasher: Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ

This is by far the best budget dishwasher in 2020 according to this guide. Besides the slick, posh look courtesy of its hidden controls, Whirlpool is quite a popular pick across the market. This is primarily since it offers multiple great features at an affordable price tag set at slightly below £400.

What's more, it includes five options to suit all types of soiling and five wash cycles, together with 1-hour and sensor wash features to give you your desired wash type.

Whirlpool also includes a height-adjustable (upper) rack for enhanced flexibility plus a combined dry system for optimal drying.

Finally, although it is not ultra-quiet, its distinct 51 dB noise level is, however, acceptable in most houses.

3. Best Value: Bosch 300 Dishwasher SHEM63W55N

Finally, the Bosch 300 dishwasher, in their opinion is the best value dishwasher of 2020. Besides boasting incredibly low 44 dB noise levels, it is further complemented by a full stainless steel and five wash cycles.

This dishwasher machine features a stainless steel - tub to boost soundproofing and ensure effective drying, as well as a relatively high durability rating. With the five wash cycles feature and four options, it is powerful enough to handle all soiling types.

Bosch 300 Series boasts a unique feature called an 'Auto Wash' that offers the Speed60 One-Hour wash cycle and a soil sensor to ensure you the desired result in a short period. Moreover, it has a 3rd rack that affords you optimal flexibility in space allocation and loading, not to mention a distinct RackMatic feature to enable you to well adjust the middle rack’s height.

Final Verdict

Dishwashers are personal appliances, hence the need to choose the one that suits all your individual needs. With these three top dishwashers, you can enjoy an exclusive blend of modern design and quality purposed to ideally appeal to your unique and varied set of personal preferences.

*Collaborative post

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