How to Design the Ideal Home Office

There are several factors you need to take into consideration when designing a home office. In simplest terms, you need to factor in the office equipment and the space available, to make an organised and efficient environment.

The lighting should be enough so that you improve your working experience. When it comes to choosing furniture, you should ensure you buy the right office chair which will allow you to sit for long without developing back complications. It is necessary to choose a location where you will incur few interruptions. At home, family members like to involve you in everything they do. To stay productive, you need to design the office in such a way you can eliminate noise among other interruptions from other family members. So let's discuss all this in more detail.

Buy the right office equipment

Working fast and efficiently is important to increase productivity, so why not utilise the right office equipment to help you with this? Try to invest in machines which employ the latest technology so that you can stay productive in your home office, For example, photocopiers can be extremely useful, and many can be used to scan documents or FAX as well, and label machines can be utilised if you have a number of packages to post every week. You can even print from your smartphone with the latest devices. It is necessary to compare different equipment available in the market so that you can buy the best your budget allows and use it in your home office.

You should also remember that the ergonomics of your office setup contribute to how comfortable and productive you would be. Consider any current issue that you have and find a solution for it. For example, here are some of the best lumbar seat cushions that will help if you experience back pain.

Install enough lighting

For your home office to serve you well, you need to invest in the right lighting. There are different lighting fixtures out there but try to go for those which will improve the aesthetic appeal of your office as well as provide enough light to allow you to enjoy your office space. Create an atmosphere with different types of lighting, suitable for people and for the task at hand. Daylight bulbs can help create a bright efficient work environment, and spotlights are great for a desk to see detail. Sometimes you may have to utilise a dark corner so invest in the right lighting which will not expose you to eye strains as you work in the office.

Check on privacy considerations

It is hard to stay productive in an environment full of noise and other interruptions. It will be easier for you to work and concentrate in a space that’s quiet and not distracting. For instance, choose a room where guests will not see you unless you get out of the office to welcome them. If you live with your family, why not get a sign to show you are working such as 'Do Not Disturb' or 'Work in Progress' and inform them they can only come in if it's urgent? Setting boundaries like this will help you get work done.

Design your office without any obstructions

Ensure the setup of your office does not expose you to accidents, and this is especially important if you have staff working for you or if you have young children around. For example, chairs and tables should be arranged carefully to allow space where people can pass easily. Avoid letting cables hang loosely which can entangle people as they enter the office. All computers and the printers should be installed in strategic places where they utilize the best available space in the home office and are out of the reach of young ones and pets. You can buy cabinets and shelves which you can use to keep you organised, think 'a place for everything and everything in its place'. A pinboard or memo board can be useful as well as filing cabinets, pen organisers and in and out trays.

Let me know, do you have any ideas on how to create the ideal home office?

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  1. I would love to create a home office. I end up working on my lap in front of the tv which isn't ideal.

  2. I'd really like a separate home office, I think I might be more productive, than my usual place on the sofa and I could shut the door on the kids! Mich x

  3. Oh how I dream of a separate home office! My current blog office is on my kitchen table (with a glass of G&T!). These are some fab tips though!

  4. having a quiet space is key - I can't work with any distractions or noise!

  5. really cool desk, i would love to have office like this.