How to Save On Your Energy Bills

Energy bills are one of those expenditures that just seem to escalate every year, with energy companies inflicting huge price hikes and cold winters seeming to last an eternity. Throughout the summer, you will hopefully have been saving plenty of money on your heating bills but unfortunately, it will not be long before winter arrives again, so make sure that you are prepared this time and ensure that you are not wasting money that could be saved.

Here are some top energy savings tips that you could use both now and when it gets to the colder nights ahead.

Replace old windows

Windows are one of the places that you lose a lot of heat from your home, especially if there are draughts coming through. Getting new double glazed windows might be costly but they could result in considerable energy bill savings over the years. So get some quotes for window installation service if your current windows are not doing a great job at keeping your heat in.

Get a smart meter

If you have not already had one installed, getting a smart meter is a good idea because it will help you to monitor your energy consumption better. Understanding how much energy you use each day in monetary terms will help you to make better decisions around when you put the heating on and other energy use. You can also use your phone to control your heating if you have a smart thermostat, meaning that if you forget to turn it off you can do so even when you have left the house.

Shop around

Staying with the same energy provider for years will usually cost you more than if you do some research once a year to find out the best deals. Just like there are comparison sites for insurance policies and holidays, there are also comparison sites for energy suppliers. So take a look at the different rates that are currently available and make the switch if you can find a better deal.

Turn your thermostat down

Even a very small reduction in your thermostat temperature can have a really big impact on your bill. So make sure that you are wearing warm clothing in the home rather than cranking up the heating more on the cold days. You can also be more sensible with keeping doors shut in the rooms that you are using in order to keep the heat inside. Buying thermal curtains can also be very effective in preventing the loss of heat.

Buy energy efficient appliances

When it comes to buying a new washing machine or fridge, buying one with a high energy efficiency rating will also save you plenty of energy over time. Even if you have to pay a bit more for the appliance, you will soon make that money back in savings.

Be smart with your water

If you are on a water meter then it will definitely pay to be more careful about your water. Simple changes like not leaving the tap running whilst you clean your teeth or having a shorter length shower will see your water bills go down. It can be tempting to get the hosepipe out in the hot summer weather but it could end up costing you a small fortune filling paddling pools or watering the plants. You can try and collect rainwater to help with watering your plants instead of running the hosepipe, using a collection system or even just use some buckets in your garden to catch the rain ready to use in a dry spell.

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  1. Great ideas! Such simple ways to save you money

  2. These are all excellent steps to take and have the added advantage of helping the environment as you end up using less energy. Having thick curtains is another good heat saving trick.

  3. We have a smart meter but the only thing about it is that it only work with British Gas, we can't use it if w e switch

  4. Smart meters are great and we have one too - fab recommendations

  5. It's so good that awareness is growing for the effect of our energy use on the environment. Great post.

  6. Great post and tips. I am always looking for ideas to save money :)

  7. These are all fab tips. Our energy bills in Wales were shockingly expensive They're a bit cheaper in Portugal but only a bit. We do use air con during summer which increases our bills. And we're careful with water too, mainly from a drought point of view!

  8. Really top tips here. Shopping around for energy is a great one, we saved a small fortune by doing so x

  9. Great tips! Energy bills can really sky-rocket if you're not careful so every little bit we do makes a difference. Lots of people have good things to say about smart thermostats so maybe it's worth investing! I also like to get my boiler serviced at least once a year because inefficient heating can really start to increase those bills.