7 Of The Best Packing Tips For Moving House

So it's nearly time. You've found your perfect home and the moving date is looming, but you have to pack all your possessions and now your panicking. Yet packing to move house doesn't have to be that stressful.  Use these packing tips to help you move house and make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

1) Who should pack?

Think carefully - are you going to do it yourself or employing a mover?  It will save you money if you pack yourself. If you employ a professional moving team it can save you time and be safer as they help people move on a regular basis. After all, time is money. You need to weigh up the pros and cons and make an informed decision. 

2) Have a strategy

Think about the time you have and what order you are going to do the packing in. Are you going to do bedrooms first, then work down the house? It's a good idea to pack the rooms you use less first, such as the spare room, garage, shed and so on. Perhaps clear some space and make one of your rooms a packing room.

3) Start in plenty of time

Don't forget to leave enough time to pack. If you have a large home two months before is a good time frame and if you have a smaller home leave at least a month. This is especially important if you work full-time or have a young family. Can you rope in friends and family to help you? 

4) Take less 

Think seriously about what you really need. This is the perfect time to declutter. Create four piles, one to sell, one for charity or to give to friends, one to upcycle and one to throw away. There are plenty of places to sell your items like the local Free Ads, car boot sales, eBay, If you have less stuff to take, you have less to pack. 

5) Packing material

You will need lots of strong boxes. If you are using a moving company they may provide these for you. If not, you can source them from places like Freecycle, local shops especially supermarkets, or buy them from packing companies.  Secure bottom and sides of boxes with packing tape, ensure you don't overfill so they are not too heavy and use bubble wrap to protect your items. Use resealable plastic bags for your bottles to prevent spillage. Fill empty space with old newspapers or material to stop things rattling around. 

6) Label, label, label

Be sure to label each box with the contents, the destination room and any special instructions like FRAGILE or 'THIS SIDE UP'.  Write on the side of the boxes in large lettering, so you can see the labels when the boxes are stacked. 

7) The essential box

This is the box that you want to take with you and not with the moving team if you are employing them. It should contain all the essential items like first aid kit, a kettle with tea, coffee, sugar or squash, non-perishable snacks, paperwork you will need such as bank details, contacts for utility suppliers, takeaway numbers and so on.

So there we go. I hope these packing tips help you, and you have a straight-forward and stress-free move. Have fun in your new home!

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  1. I moved in the last few months and it's just super stressful! I still have tons to sort out but definitely getting there

  2. The essential box is such a good idea!! I never thought of half these things when I moved into my flat (and then back home again...) but one thing I found useful was moving only a few boxes gradually on different days. I know this wouldn't be applicable for most people, but breaking it up instead of doing it all in one day made it a little bit easier for me x

  3. These are some great tips - moving home can be so stressful so having a plan of action on how you are going to attack each stage is a great idea.

  4. Fantastic tips. I totally agree with these, especially having an essentials box and labelling! x

  5. Fab tips. I hate moving house. It's so stressful and so tiring! x

  6. Moving can be stressful. I think having a list and plan is a very good idea

  7. I am not good at packing but I always label my items so I know what goes where, lovely tips

  8. I have no choice but to pack myself as I’m always on a tight budget, but at least it means I get to have a good clear out first xxx

  9. Great tips! Planning ahead is always a good idea when moving to a new house.