Why You Should Go To The Theatre

Going to the theatre is one of those events that used to be exclusive to the upper classes but is now much more accessible.  

Research by One Poll has shown that people go to the theatre for different reasons and that varies with age. So let's look at why people go to the theatre and why you should too.

It's an event

The open-air Minack Theatre 

There is something special about going to the theatre. It's an event and often a spectacle. Most people think of it as a special occasion and dress accordingly. The surroundings of the theatre often make it feel extra special, especially in the traditional theatres such as those in London's West End or The Globe Theatre. The buildings and the interior can feel glamorous and there is so much history in some of the older theatres. Cornwall's open-air Minack Theatre is a place I really want to go next. 

The storytelling can be pure escapism but it can also educate and inform

You can be transported to another place, to another time, through the set, actors and storytelling. The storytelling can bring the pages of a book or play to life. It can be immersive and it can be thrilling. A point in case - I went to see The Woman In Black, and there were only three actors in the show, it was so brilliant how they acted and told the story with such a small cast. It was spine chilling and I would highly recommend it.  The storytelling can also educate and inform the audience and bring social issues into a spotlight.

You can see well-known actors or spot a star in their making

The Globe Theatre London

The theatre brings some of the best actors in the world, and can also be a place to spot up-and-coming stars. People come to see big-name actors perform in an intimate setting. Meryl Streep and Julie Andrews both started in theatre and some of Hugh Jackman's first acting roles were on the stage in Austrailia. It's also a larger than life performance as they are often in close proximity to the audience. You can feel a real connection with the actors. There is also a prestige of acting in famous books and plays, for example, actors will often go out of their way to play a leading role in a Shakespeare play such as Hamlet or Macbeth or a play by Tennesse Williams.  

It's a great social experience

The theatre brings friends and family together, people often go for a meal or drink first then experience a show together. It can also be a tradition, maybe you go once a year at Christmas to a pantomime, of course, that's a theatre show we often forget, ('Oh No We Don't!') or always visit if you are in London or New York. Or maybe every birthday you save up and visit your local theatre with your partner and book an overnight stay in a hotel to savour the experience. 

It's not as expensive as you think

The theatre can be surprisingly affordable.

Theatre tickets aren't that expensive if you compare them to a concert by your favourite band or even your favourite comedian but of course, the top tickets in the West End and Broadway can be pricey. However, there are some things you can do to keep the cost down. Some ideas are to go to your local theatre production instead of a show in London or New York, look for deals online, visit on a matinee performance, or see a show that has been running a while.  If you don't want the best seats cheaper tickets will be found further to the back of the theatre. If it's a small theatre you may still get a good view. Students and OAPs can sometimes get discounts on tickets too, so if you are in that category, it's always worth asking.


It can make that book you studied in school or that Shakespeare play you tried to get your head around, accessible and easier to understand. This is why many school and college groups visit the theatre especially when studying the same text. You can connect easier to the story as there is a bond that forms between the performers and the viewer and that can only be a good thing.

So these are some reasons why I think we should all go to the theatre, tell me, have you been? Has it been a good experience for you? What's your favourite show?

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  1. I actually do love going to the theater. I have been to see the Taming of the Shrew at the Globe in London and I did visit Minack Theatre in Cornwall as well, but as I was on a schedule I didn't have time to stay for a show. I have been to see a musical in the went end, which I thought it was a fantastic experience.

  2. You don't need to tell me twice. I love going to the theatre. I'm planning my next visit in London soon - just can't decide what to watch yet.

  3. We love going to the theatre and try to go at least once a year around Christmas time - wish we had more money to see some more shows as a family x

  4. We absolutely love the theatre! My kids love it too and we have gone since they were small. It's such a great experience.

  5. I love going to the theatre as there is just something truly exhilarating and mesmerising at any live performance.

  6. I love going to the theatre as it's a chance to experience something special being live x

    1. The live aspect adds a different element doesn't it?

  7. We love the theatre and go very regular. Seen so many shows...do love a good ballet for sure x

  8. We love the theatre and have lots of trips booked but I would love to see the open-air Minack Theatre

  9. I totally agree, I think going to the theatre is so important and it's something my kids have grown up doing now which I'm so pleased about.

  10. I used to go to the theatre a lot when I was a student but I haven't been for some time now (apart from shows for children, which have been fun.) Time to book some tickets!

  11. I love going to the theatre but haven’t been for so long. Definitely time to change this!

  12. I havn't been to the theatre in SO long, you've reminded me how brilliant it is! x