If Your Short On Time Try A New Shopping Service - Slick Shoppa

What to buy the person who has everything? It's a time old dilemma and one that never seems to get any easier. Maybe you have a friend that is difficult to buy for or maybe someone in your family has everything they need. When it comes to present time you spend ages wracking your brains and resort to the same old boring presents.

Here is where Slick Shoppa can help. Slick Shoppa was set up by Adam Bigham, after being frustrated spending hours online looking for presents for his difficult to buy for father. He identified that there were a lot of great products out there that don't reach the top of the search engines and could see a gap in the market for someone to do the searching for him and come up with some original ideas. Ideas for gifts that weren't sponsored but gifts that were just perfect and also well priced.

How the website works is that you register and submit a request, then genuine humans do all the hard work for you and find that perfect gift. The best part of the service is... it's completely free.

So I put it to the test.

First, you register for the site. Then you log in with your details.

The next step is to submit a new request and fill in a few details. Then you sit back and wait for an email from the company with their recommendations.

Rather than use fancy algorithms they use real people to do the hard work, finding that just so gift for the best price.

I was recommended:-

1. A vintage brooch by Rock My Vintage

2. A diamante gold vermeil pendant by Eternal Collection

3. A blue woven scarf by Joules

If you thought they have great recommendations or weren't exactly what you needed you can leave feedback. You can also ask for ideas as well.

Diamante gold vermeil necklace by Eternal Collection £25

So what did I think of the recommendations you may wonder? Now my mum would never wear a brooch or a scarf but they were spot on with the necklace they choose for her as it is exactly her style. I think the more specific you are the better results you will get. All the recommendations were under budget and I liked the fact that wrote the reasons why they choose each item. They also noted if there was a sale on or special deals on the item.

Could the service be improved? I think slightly more specific questions could help with the matching process, specifically lifestyle, such as hobbies and interests, and sense of style. My mum loves high fashion and has a style that I would describe as fun, but I wouldn't describe her as elegant (sorry mum!), so she wouldn't wear a scarf or vintage brooch. Adam and his team are looking to make the questions more specific to the type of present but until then I would recommend being as detailed as possible.

I think the Slick Shoppa site can certainly save you time and money. It also gave me a killer recommendation at a great price from a company I would never have found normally. Although not entirely perfect, it is a work in progress and it's free so what do you have to lose!


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  1. This is a really useful tool as I often scroll through page after page on online retailers looking for the right gift. Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. I'd never even thought of doing this, I'd be interested to give it a go and see what it throws up. Maybe for my Dads next birthday, he is so hard to buy for!

  3. Super cute idea! I loathe having to come up with interested birthday presents, especially for my dad or brother. This could help!

  4. What a super clever idea. I often spend a fair bit of time looking through websites and then kick myself for missing something amazing, this could solve this problem yay x

  5. That's Great.. Sure will try it, never used this kind of service before

  6. It can be a nightmare looking for something you have no idea what you're actually looking for, so this is a really useful tool. I can see this being something I would certainly use.

  7. Love the sound of this site, I have so many difficult people to buy for!

  8. This sounds really useful! But I have to admit I love shopping and will always find time to do it haha.

    Amanda | https://ldnrose.com

  9. I've never heard of this. But I'm someone who prefers to go shopping to see the item in person first!

  10. This sounds really interesting and something great for saving time. I've never heard of this before but glad to have come across your post

  11. The diamante necklace from eternal collection is gorgeous. I really like the sound of a website that can find you products that will save you time on shopping! x

  12. This sounds AMAZING! It's fantastic that it's actually real people listen to you aswell! I have to say, I find it so difficult buying for other people!

  13. This sounds like such a useful service, I love that real people do the searching! I never know what to get my Dad so may have to give this a go for his birthday :)

  14. This is so clever, and I love the fact that they use real people. Too many things can go wrong with an algorithm to be honest!