Get The Retro Look In Your Home

Regardless of your age, the nostalgia you have from being a child is universal. We all have an inherent urge to be transported back to the time when we were fresh-faced and innocent from the complex world we know now. It’s 2017 and every day it feels like another awful tragedy or political divide is broadcast to a worldwide audience so we can all despair in unison. In times like these, we need to embrace our nostalgia and create our own temporary escape from the modern world.

What better way to soothe yourself than with your own retro games room? We’ve seen scores of people around the UK begin to create a space for relaxing that perfectly reflects the childhood and teen years when everything they loved was simple honest fun. 

Creating your retro games room is about your personality and experiences and no one room is the same. You can create a retro experience that suits you and the only limit is your imagination. Ok, that was a lie! You actually have the limits of space where are you supposed to put these stacks of old games, pool tables and all the other cool stuff you need. Also budget is a key area, some of these arcade machines and pool tables require saving up for.

Recently the media has been focusing a lot on games rooms and we have seen many creative solutions including garages, sheds and spare rooms transformed into a dream man cave (or for us girls, a she shed!).

Without covering the same ground, every games room with a retro feel has the same kind of equipment; arcade machines, pool tables, table tennis/ping pong and football tables. Once you have all these in the room how do you actually complete the look?

This post aims to provide further insight into how to achieve the ultimate games room look with a retro vibe.

Neon Bar Signs

Get the classic bar look with a custom neon sign. Ideal for adding a vibrant look in your games room, you’re sure to find a half-decent bar sign if you look hard enough, but what would be better as the crown of your new den then a customised neon sign? While pricey this customised neon sign look is memorable and completes your retro games room theme.

While the iconic neon look cannot be replicated sometimes it’s too risky compared to other types of lighting, after all, one crack in the tube and the whole sign is worthless! If you have children (or big kids!) around your games room the better option would be a LED sign, with higher light output and lower heat output than equivalent neon signage agreed

Jukebox, Music Systems & Ghettoblasters

Of course, any games room needs a proper sound system to provide the soundtrack to your next epic game session! If you want to keep with your retro look you could jump on the vinyl revival that has taken place over the last few years, the sound quality is revered but vinyl is best when listened to with headphones.

If you want to fill the room and maintain your retro 80s theme why not shake the walls with an updated Ghettoblaster? Newer versions are available with Bluetooth so you can even use your phone to pump out your favourite 80’s tunes, settle in for an extra-long gaming session with the Dirty Dancing or Footloose soundtrack and prepare to win!

Retro Film Memorabilia & Movie Posters

The 80’s had some of the greatest films of all time, and no one’s bedroom was really theirs until they’d plastered the walls with the posters of their favourite movies. To truly embrace your inner child, layer all of your posters until there’s not a spare inch of wall, a collage of Star Wars and 80’s action films makes for better wallpaper than anything you can find at B&Q. If you prefer the neater, more civilised look, just add some A1 frames and hang them neatly.

If you have the budget and can find them, you can find film props from that decade and retro-styled slogan clothing to complete the 80s look.

Snacks & Nibbles

For any games room party and retro vision, snacks are key to the experience. Snacks are the cornerstone of any true 80s gamer. For a truly retro taste we recommend some delicious Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Walkers recently updated their iconic crisp with a size upgrade. Now each one of the crunchy feet in the bag is just as big as when you were on the playground eating your packed lunch.

If you want to emulate the movies then you can buy American sweets and snacks from a variety of places these days, albeit for a high price! For goonies lovers, the Baby Ruth would be a great snack for an 80s themed party in your games room.

Old VHS Tapes

VHS is now a more or less obsolete film viewing experience, but people are still buying them for their retro value. If anything the covers were great and by stacking these VHS boxes in your games room will complete the 80s feel and give your games room the authentic 80s bedroom look.

For the ultimate 80s experience, buy a cheap pre-owned video player online and play these tapes on retro TV screens (can also be picked up for hardly any money – even free in some cases) for the ultimate retro movie experience.

What else would you add into your own retro games room to complete the look? Are you more of a 90’s baby who wants to add a collection of TY Beanie Babies toys to their room? Or perhaps you really like 80's family-friendly films and want to adorn the room in ET and Goonies memorabilia. Let me know! 

*Guest post


  1. I am a 90s baby but I love the idea of a 70s/80s themed room especially with the neon lights. My dad has pinball machines in his living room alongside a juke box and it has such a cool vibe to it!

  2. I would love to have one of those light up signs in my hallway, I love them and they are such eyecatchers! xx

  3. This is really stunning! I love the retro look.

  4. Oh my teens would want all these! They absolutely love anything and everything retro! Kaz

  5. I have always loved the retro look, especially in a kitchen. Would LOVE a neon sign!

  6. I would love a neon sign - they are so cool and retro.

  7. My neice is looking for groovy ways to dress her new home
    Shellnlive your ideas

  8. I am actually a big fan of retro games so a game room would be sweet. I would love one if I had my own home x

  9. Retro film memorabilia and movie posters would be great addition to our family room.

  10. Mt partner would love the retro look in our home. I may let him get away with having movie posters in his computer room and thats it. I have never been a fan of retro in my home, more retro in my dress sence

  11. I absolutely love retro details in a house. Neon signs and film memorabilia are my favourite.

  12. I love retro looking homes. They have so much personality and always brighten up a room.

  13. I love '80's retro, only for me, it's the era I stopped at mentally!

  14. I'm an 80's baby but I personally don't like the look of retro decor.

  15. I would really love to own some of the 80s memorabilia. My favourite radio station is Absolute 80s. The tunes bring back so many memories.