How Your Garden Transforms Through the Seasons

I must admit I'm not a natural gardener, so when I see an infographic like this one below from Rattan Direct that has all this handy information to hand then I like to save it. 

My mother-in-law has a beautiful garden and it's amazing to see how it transforms throughout the seasons.

Gardens are of course for all four seasons (not just Summer!).

Like most people, you probably enjoy your garden most during the warmer months of summer. It makes perfect sense to do so but did you know, with a little knowledge of what each season brings, you could have an even better summer garden?


Winter is the time the garden sleeps and with your help, it can sleep better. Move vulnerable plants and create homes for wildlife to shelter from the cold. Protect your soil with mulch and look forward to what spring has to offer.


As the first buds of new life come to being, you can be confident finer, warmer weather is on its way. But the spring garden needs help. It needs moisture and fertiliser, and it needs protecting from night time frosts.


The nurtured garden will produce an abundant harvest of fruit and vegetables, as well as a bountiful display of colourful and fragrant flowers. Enjoy!


Don’t abandon the garden just yet. There is still plenty of wildlife visiting and colour to enjoy before the grey of winter comes upon the garden and us. There are autumnal red leaves to admire and vegetable crops to bring in, from the parsnip to the carrots.

Do you enjoy your garden all year round?

If you think this information is useful bookmark it for another day and happy gardening!

*Collaborative post


  1. I'm planning on doing lots of growing on my balcony this year and looking forward to seeing how much it all changes! :-)

    1. It's amazing how things change throughout the year.

  2. Such a useful post. I'm a total beginner in the garden, so this information is really useful :-)

  3. I love watching how our garden changes, it's always a nice surprise when some colourful flowers pop up!

  4. I love being in the garden but I wouldn't know one end of a weed from another!!! My dad loves his garden. This infograph is really cute and handy for people like me who know nothing x

    1. Gardens can be such peaceful places where people just relax and enjoy the scenery and the wildlife.