5 Benefits Of Roof Windows In Your Home

A roof window can be a great addition to a home. In this article, I will explore the benefits and cost implications of installing a roof window.

What is a roof window?

A roof window is an outward opening window that is incorporated as part of the design of a roof. It differs from a skylight as it is larger, and may have panes that can open for extra ventilation.

A roof window can be relatively cheap to buy and are available for a little over £100 but the cost of installing a roof window lies with the installer. It's obviously important though to have an experienced window fitter install a roof window so I would recommend not installing it yourself unless you have experience in this area. 
It is worth researching professionals that can fit the windows for you, such as a Minneapolis Window Company (or one in your area).

1. Improved ventilation

A roof window is a great option to get extra ventilation into a room. Did you know that the air we breathe can have an impact on our health? Adding a roof window can make a room less stuffy and more pleasant to be in, making you feel alert and refreshed. Adding extra ventilation is doubly important in areas of condensation such as bathrooms and kitchens too.

2. Increased light

If you need to add light to a dark room a roof window is an excellent solution. As well as improving the ambient light in a room, sunlight can improve your mood and make you feel less lethargic and increase your levels of vitamin D from the sun.

3. Energy saving

Roof windows can be double and triple glazed and these options can really help with energy efficiency, keeping warmth in a room as well as helping with noise reduction from outside. Although you will have the cost of installing a roof window in your home you should make this money back in the long term from the energy savings you make.

4. Low maintenance

A roof window is a relatively low maintenance window, just grease the hinges on a regular basis, and clean the windowpane and around the gutters of the window. Also, relacquer the roof window every few years for the best finish and to keep the wood surround in the best condition.

5. Ease of Installation

A roof window can be installed easily if you do not have this feature in your home. A prefabricated window can be inserted by a professional window fitter in less than an afternoon so you have all the benefits of a roof window with none of the hassle of installing it yourself. If you do have some more questions about roof windows you can find a wide range of questions here.

Have you considered the benefits of roof windows?


  1. I've never thought about these because I live in a flat but for a house they'd be great for additional light x

  2. I do like the look of roof windows. Unfortunately I've only lived in flats for quite a few years now, so no option for me! :-(

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  3. I love loft conversions with roof windows - they look so bright and airy! It's definitely something I'd consider for the future

  4. I would love a loft conversion and roof windows! There's so many benefits. Especially the light coming through would be amazing! xx

  5. I would love one of these in our bedroom. It would be so good for my vitamin D issues!

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