7 Items To Help You Slay Slope Style

Street style has definitely made its way to the slopes. This year neon coloured skiwear reigns supreme but pastel colour schemes will also have their place on the mountain. When it comes to skiing, comfort is still king – so here are a few suggestions that will ensure easy movement, as well as style. 


In every colour of the rainbow, POC’s ski and snowboard helmets offer a range of technologies according to levels of skiing. Check out a guide if you’re not sure what you need when it comes to size. The matte black Auric Pro is a safe option that looks sleek with any ski gear and won’t clash if you decide to change your jacket style in a few year’s time.


When the weather is acting up on the mountain, goggles can become too hot and steamy to ski in and you’ll need a good pair of sporty sunglasses. Likewise, when you stop for lunch out in the sun it’s key to keep your eyes protected with a cool pair of shades.

2017 sees the return of vibrant sunglasses. and Viveur, a brand inspired by vintage sunglasses are creating sunglasses through a reinterpretation of the traditional styles reinvented for a modern perspective. Bag yourself a pair of these and you’ll be rocking the slopes from dusk till dawn. 


Eye protection has advanced rapidly over the past few years. If you’re into technology then you’ll love Oakley’s new skiing goggles lenses that feature Prizm™ torch iridium. Prizm™ is a revolution in lens optics built on decades of colour science research. It means that even in the dodgiest of lights like in a white out, the colours will be tuned to maximise contrast so that you can still see the moguls and enhance your visibility.


A good hat is a ski essential. For apr├Ęs ski, lunchtime and breaks for hot- chocolate you’ll probably want to swap your helmet for a bobble hat. The bobble hat has been the hit of 2016 and is likely to stay for 2017. There are also some excellent faux fur options out there to keep you warm and looking great at the resort.


Spend what you can afford on a good pair of gloves so cold hands don’t ruin a good day’s skiing. Choose a waterproof option and make sure the fit is tight but still allows you to wiggle your fingers. Mittens are also a good option for those that prefer this look. You may also want to splurge on a thinner, more insulating pair when it’s a bit warmer, so you don’t get sweaty palms.


Thermals with natural materials are better for your skin and will last longer. Choose a layered thermal made using merino wool to keep you warm in the coolest environments without making your skin go scaly.

Snow boots

At the end of the day, when you want to hit the bar and are sick of hobbling around in your heavy ski boots, look to Moonboots to give your feet some much -needed comfort. They have a lightweight foam lining that will feel like a cloud after a day in ski boots and their insulation can protect feet in temperatures as low as -31°F, so your toes will be safe from chilblains and frostbite.

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  1. Every item is fashionable! Thank you for showing how you can look cute and stay warm on the slopes.

  2. I'd love to go in the snow but it doesn't snow at all where I live. Anyways I'm saving this list for when I get to go somewhere snowy!

    1. We went to the dolomites in Italy last year and it was lovely

  3. Some great picks here. I have never been skiing but ski boots or moon boots are perfect.

  4. What a cool post. I love snow boots. I had some cool ones when I was a teenager. I hired some of the other gear though.