Struggling to Reach Payday? Sell Your Jewellery for Instant Cash

If you’re still counting the cost of the festive season in February, you’re not alone. While Christmas has come and gone, many families are still facing the burden of excess spending and struggling to recoup their finances. With the combination of the early payday and a long month in January, it’s no surprise that 80% of Brits struggle with their finances over the festive period. What’s more, the need to take out payday loans is becoming increasingly necessary — a financial decision that can cause a hangover well into the year.

So what can you do?

While many families opt to budget hard or delve into their overdraft, a smarter option might be to sell your unwanted goods to earn an extra bit of cash and ease the pressure.

Sell your unwanted jewellery

Have you considered selling jewellery? Selling your unwanted silver and gold is always a safe bet. It’s something many of us have in a drawer at home and can actually be worth some serious money.

Now is the perfect time for a pre-spring clean, but instead of simply throwing your old jewellery away, why not give your bank balance a welcome boost by selling it to a cash your gold company? Not only are you guaranteed to get a fair price for your items (selling jewellery that can be resold will actually mean you get more!), but it’s also completely hassle-free. Sell your gold online and you won’t have to trudge to the high street and haggle with a pawnbroker. Simply send off your goods in a pre-paid envelope and if you’re happy with the price, the money will be sitting in your account in as 24 hours.

Finding a reputable cash your gold provider

When it comes to selling your old jewellery — even if you don’t have any sentimental attachment to it — you still want to make sure you find someone you trust. Gold and silver prices fluctuate daily, so do your research and make sure you’re getting a fair quote. Getting your jewellery appraised can make all the difference, so be on the lookout for cash your gold companies who are experts in the industry. The last thing you’d want is to be stung by a provider offering you the price of scrap when your jewellery is actually worth a lot more.

Don't want to get rid of your old jewellery? Other money-making tips

You may have plenty of old jewellery around the house that holds sentimental value, meaning you don’t want to sell it on. But selling jewellery isn’t the only way to make some easy cash.

Sell your unused goods online

The majority of us have a habit of not throwing things away. It’s that old adage that things will come in handy again at some point but, realistically, it’s unlikely they ever will. As a result, it’s so easy to accumulate a vast amount of junk in a short space of time. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it for a year, it might be time to consider passing it on.

Online marketplaces such as eBay are a great way of getting rid of your old stuff easily — and to minimise your costs further, keep an eye out for the chance to host your auction for free. You might just cause a bidding war! You never know who might fall in love with that handbag you bought last year, but haven’t used since.

Future-proof your bank account

How great would it be if every time you bought something, be it your weekly shop, a holiday or a new outfit, you could earn extra cash? With cashback apps and websites, such as Quidco, you can! While you may be cutting back on luxuries in the first few months of the year, with cash back, you might find you don’t have to scrimp on that takeaway treat you’re craving at the end of the month!

The New Year may be a time of promise and beginnings, but as the daily realities of bills, spending from previous months and a long wait for payday set in, you may find yourself struggling. We could always do with a little bit of extra cash, especially during tough times, and selling jewellery and your belongings can, quite literally, pay off.

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  1. I have a diamond braclet, I've had it since I was a teenager. It was valued in 2004,on the highstreet as £1500, which I could really use right now but I wouldn't know where to begin selling it. I worry I'd get ripped off some how but it costs to get it certified =/ I've sold gold rings before and that went well though..

  2. This is a really useful post, I have so much jewellery I need to get rid of x

    1. It's worth looking to see how much you would get for it.

  3. Such an interesting idea and I have some jewellery that I have never worn just sitting around x

  4. I think we all have pieces of jewellery that we never wear so this is something that we could look into.

    1. It is worth looking into I think, we all could do with a cash injection.

  5. Some good tips. It can be easy to find yourself in excess of jewellery or clothes that you don't particularly use and could be given to a new home. Often it's better to have key jewellery pieces that you've invested in and will use frequently, and avoid buying temporary or cheap items.

  6. This is a great tips! I didn't think about selling things this way what a good way to earn a bit of cash when your in desperate need for some money. I love cash back sites, I use Top cash back I will check out Quidco now:)