Monday, 20 February 2017

FRATELLI GUZZINI Knives and Blender Review

Recently I have had a kitchen detox. Ok, a clear out to put it bluntly. I've had a brand new kitchen. Gone are the gadgets I no longer use, the chipped knives, the mismatched plates and in their place are sleek colour co-ordinated accessories and products I need and want. To this effect Fratelli Guzzini, the Italian homeware company have helped me out.

Now, there are some things that are important to a home cook, and one of these are a set of great knives. 

The Fratelli Guzzini knife block comes with a set of five knives of varying functions. They describe the knives as a knife for cold meats, a bread knife, a kitchen knife, a general purpose knife and a carving knife. 

What struck me at first was how sleek and modern the knife set looked in my kitchen. Shallow I know but this is important to me as it fits in well with my new kitchen that I am lucky to have. This knife set has been designed by award-winning Ora Ito, an Italian designer and it shows.

The set I was sent is in the grey colour scheme, with grey soft touch grips on the handles. The acrylic base is white on one side and dark grey on the other and looks super smart. It's useful having the knife block transparent on one side so you can see and select the appropriate knife for your needs.

I also was wondering how I would clean it, but it can be dismantled for ease of cleaning, which is a great idea. My old knife block was made of wood and was so hard to clean and not terribly hygienic. Everything is dishwasher safe so that is an added bonus.

As you can see above the set of knives covers most things you would need. The knives come with a little plastic guard on the tip for safety in transit which is reassuring to know.

So how sharp would these knives be, would it be style over substance? I needn't have worried. They are sharp and cut well. No problems here. One thing I would say is that they do not come with a knife sharpener so I can't comment on how long the sharpness will last. 

This set of knives with knife block costs £80 (90 Euros) from Fratelli Guzzini which when you consider you get 5 quality knives and a stylish knife block, I think is a decent price.  They also come in funky green and red colourways if you want to inject some colour into your kitchen.

Fratelli Guzzini also sent me a blender to review. The blender has tempered glass and feels solid. The lid fits well and has a small measuring cup built in so you can remove and add more ingredients to the blender.

The blender has a large 1500 ml capacity, perfect for a family. The settings are a slow setting 1 and faster setting 2. There is also a pulse setting as well as off. 

The design of the blender is smart, whilst still being functional and unfussy. The side of the blender has a chrome finish and looks particularly lovely. The non-slip feet is a great safety feature and ensures the blender will not move when it is in use. The blades are super sharp and are suitable to crush ice, this would make it very good to make smoothies as well as blended soups, milkshakes and sauces. 

The jug is heavy when full so you do need to bear that in mind, but it is also heat resistant so great when you want to blend soups, gravies and sauces that are hot.

I made a banana and peanut butter smoothie in the blender and it coped well with nuts in the peanut butter as well as making a very smooth and thick smoothie. The blender cost £90 (99 Euros) and makes a useful and chic addition to your kitchen and looks smart on your counter.

If you are looking for stylish kitchen accessories I would certainly recommend Fratelli Guzzini. The products I tried combined style with function, quality with class, a bit like me!



  1. I really need a new knife set as mine don't even match anymore and I completely agree about the hygiene of the wood blocks! I love how sleek and modern the set looks and I shall definitely be asking for a set now!

  2. These kitchen tools look so chic. The knives holder is so cool!

  3. These both look amazing I need a new knife set mine don't match my kitchen haha! Both of these look very modern

  4. My kitchen is white and grey so this knife set would be perfect. It looks effortlessly modern x

  5. Those knives are great looking, definitely worth having out on the side!

  6. I am always on the look out for a good set off knives as the make all the difference when you are cooking! Might need to purchase these! L x

  7. The best ever knife set I have ever seen. This knives would be perfect kitchen companion.

  8. The blender looks like a piece from the 1950s, I love it, so sleek and gorgeous.

  9. Soft touch grip is so much nicer when you have a lot to chop!

  10. A good set of knives is a kitchen must-have! These look really sleek and stylish, they suit your lovely new kitchen perfectly :)

  11. Sounds like great appliances! I need to get some new knives and these look fab! xo

  12. I love the knife set, looks lovely xo

  13. Now this is my type of kitchen, I especially love the knife block. X

  14. There are very essential kitchen gadget which you have described in your article. Thanks for sharing this very informative post.


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