Meet The Bloggers - Joy From Pink Oddy

Today I am interviewing Joy from the blog Pink Oddy in my Meet The Bloggers series. 

Can you tell my readers about yourself and your blog.

My name is Joy and I am married with 4 boys. My blog really started out as place to try and help others whilst encouraging me to spend more time doing productive things with my children (even if that is just getting them outdoors and off their tech).

What inspired you to start blogging?

Justin Bieber. He followed me on Twitter and I saw the massive impact that the internet can have. I got 4 times as many followers in a week and thought that I should harness blogging and social media to share knowledge that may be of benefit to others.

Tell me your proudest blogging achievement.

Just hearing that I am helping. I have had my blog featured in the local National Autism Society e-mail.

What brands have you enjoyed working with?

A lot of brands are really good and I have enjoyed working with them, it would be unfair to single any out as I may forget others. But I do appreciate the ones that go the extra mile or really take them the time to share my content.

What brands would you like to work with in the future?

Any that will help myself and my family further develop our health and fitness because that is where I am at. I actually do have a brand who have just given me an e-mail address to contact them.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

Don’t believe all you read. Not all bloggers are honest as others. Why this is important is you need to just be confident with yourself and not compare yourself.

What is your most popular blog post to date?

It is a post about why you should book a Sun Holiday in January - which also goes into the whether they are worth it, or if there’s a cheaper way for people to book.

What is your favourite blog post of 2015 and why?

It was one about teeth brushing on my Sensory Seeker blog. I really had to tune myself in with my son to help encourage him to have his teeth cleaned and I wanted to pass that information on. I have had good feedback from it and even had an occupational psychologist asking for my advice in the comments.

Do you have any specific goals for 2016?

This year I am focusing on myself and my family. Blogging is really going to take a back seat more and I have made a move to using Instagram more.


  1. A really great interview! I always love reading about other bloggers and what motivated them to begin writing a blog in the first place. Lovely to get to know the person behind the blog name.

  2. Love this, I'm off to read your post about teeth brushing now!
    Thanks for introducing us Mellissa :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  3. A lovely interview, always nice to read about other bloggers and promote each other x

  4. Great interview. Thanks for introducing her -Hanna Lei

  5. Wow, how awesome to be able to say that Justin Beiber followed you on Twitter? Any idea how he found your profile?!

  6. I really like these sorts of blog posts as it's great to hear about other bloggers.

    1. I think you get to hear about bloggers you may not have read about before, so it brings them to a wider audience.