Meet The Bloggers - Angela From Cosmic Kick

Today in my Meet The Bloggers series I am talking to Angela from the blog Cosmic Kick.

Can you tell my readers about yourself and your blog.  

Hi everyone! I'm Angela. A South Wales based lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. I'm a gamer, tech addict, peanut butter nut and music fanatic. 
My blog is Cosmic Kick. It's where I share the things I'm excited about; from beauty products to music to games. I have a ton of interests so finding a niche for my blog continues to be a challenge but I wouldn't have Cosmic Kick any other way.

I talk from time to time about my health too. I have PCOS and tinnitus, so be sure to pop over to the blog to see if any of my posts can help out at all. 

What inspired you to start blogging?  

I started my first blog way back in 2004 when I moved out and got my very own internet connection. It was back in the days when MSN Messenger was huge and they had just released their own blogging platform called MSN Spaces. I wanted a way to publically share what I'd found online with all of my MSN contacts. It's so exciting to see how blogging has exploded in that short space of time!  

Tell me your proudest blogging achievement

It may not seem like much to some, but I'm really proud of how much I've learnt on my blogging journey so far. From basic coding to Photoshop to social media management; blogging requires a huge amount of learning. I've only scratched the surface – some of you guys are amazing! I don't know how you keep up with it all.   

What brands have you enjoyed working with?  

I've loved working with all of the brands featured on Cosmic Kick and fortunately I've never had a bad experience.   

The guys over at The Hut Group are all absolutely lovely; always kind and friendly - especially the Look Fantastic team. 

The printing company, Solopress ran a great promotion last year too giving a blogger the chance to win a billboard in their home town. The blogger outreach was fantastic and the concept was so much fun.   

What brands would you like to work with in the future? 

I really want to start working with more tech brands. Whether it's gadgets or services or games. I'm so excited about how technology is changing the world and writing about it really helps to keep up with the latest news. 
I plan to start writing about plus size fashion more often – fitness gear in particular – and have a few ideas already for working with plus size clothing brands. It's so hard to find trendy plus size leisure wear! 

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?  

Above all else: Don’t stress it! By that I mean don't stress the numbers and stats, don't stress trying to fit in to blogging cliques, don't people please by writing posts you wouldn't normally write (although I'm sure we've all been there -  I know I have!). The more your stress about blogging the more you will see it as a chore. Write for yourself first. 

What is your most popular blog post to date? 

Aside from competitions I've ran which are always a hit, my most popular post is my Nourkrin Woman review: "Could Nourkrin Woman Help With PCOS Related Hair Loss?". I tell the story of my own hair loss and where I am at the moment. Hair thinning is one of the most depressing aspects of PCOS so if I come across a product that helps, my readers will be the first to know.   

What is your favourite blog post of 2015 and why?  

I worked on a post with Microsoft Lumia Voices last year titled "Microsoft Lumia 640 Review: #LumiaVoicesTrial"  which I really enjoyed writing. I've already confessed my love of tech and this post gained interest from a few other brands who got in touch with me as a direct result. I didn't get to keep the phone but it was well worth writing for that reason alone.   

Do you have any specific goals for 2016?  

I have really been slacking these last few months, but after going through a stressful period in life I'm now ready to give writing my all.  

My goal for 2016 is to post more often. I have big plans for this year and beyond which I will be blogging about; including losing 100lb in weight and trying out the digital nomad life. I'd love for you to come along for the ride! 


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