Monday, 23 May 2016

Cheerz Photo Site Review

Cheerz is a photo website and app that allows you to print your photos and personalise your gifts. You can even have your photos printed as if they are Polaroids.

The company got in touch with me recently to see if I wanted to review one of their new products - a photo album that you can personalise.

Now it's no secret that I love to travel and I also love to take photographs. In days gone by (now I sound old!) I used to keep all my photos as prints and spend ages putting them in an album. In the last couple of years I have become a convert to the personalised photo album like the type Cheerz sells.

Firstly you upload your photos to the website or app. Depending on how many photos you have and the size of them this can take some time, but it's a straight forward process. As you are waiting for the photos to upload comments come up on the screen such as,  'Whoa! Your photos are really lovely', which is a nice touch. 

Now the software will allow you to alter the effect of each photo and move the positioning slightly but it will not allow you to do heavy editing of your photos. I would suggest you edit your photos before the upload in software such as Picmonkey or Photoshop.

Photos can be uploaded from your computer, from Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus. Once you have uploaded your photo you can set the occasion, the colour, assign it a number, and give it a name. 

When you set the occasion it has pre set designs to add to the cover and you have a choice of 6 colours. Picking a name and number prints it on the spine of the book. Some of the pages allowed you to add captions to the page - this may depend on the size of photo you select.

You then have a choice of selecting the photos yourself and putting the photos on each page or allowing the software to do it for you. Initially I tried allowing the software to do it for me, but for more flexibility and if you have time I would suggest you pick the photos yourself. This allowed me to collect groups of photos in sections, for example I put all my photos of the museums together.

If you change your mind you don't have to place all the photos you have picked, and you can choose extra pages for an additional cost. In the standard photo book you get to place up to 150 of your favourite photos depending on the size of photo in the book. 

The software recognises if the photos are a poor resolution and if this happens it shows as an exclamation mark in the top right hard corner. If you have placed a photograph across a double page and it is showing this I would suggest placing the photo somewhere else where it is smaller and then the resolution would be higher.

I think the website and photo album creation software is easy to use. It would be useful to have more editing facilities for the photo once uploaded, such as being able to crop the image and adjust the brightness. There are lots of free editing software out there though.

The photo book is a hardcover and a lay flat format, priced at £35. 

Cheerz also sells photo magnets, posters, invitations as well as lots more. The app is very useful when you are out on your travels as you can upload your photos there and then, Wi-Fi and 4G allowing.

When the book arrived I was very impressed! The photos were excellent quality and the book looked very professional. The pages were thick card which was great. Other photo books I have created before with a different company had paper pages. 

I really think this photo book is a quality product, and you do get what you pay for. I would certainly order again.



  1. Rachel had some photos printed by Cheerz and I was really impressed with the quality, more so because a lot of the photos she took from Facebook and Twitter.

    1. Yes the quality of the photo book is excellent, so I can imagine the photos being brilliant too.

  2. I loved using Cheerz, I ordered polaroid pictures to put in my scrap books. I love these photobooks though!

    1. I'm tempted to order the polaroid pictures too.

  3. I really like the idea of this, it sounds really good and a great way to have your photos printed x

  4. Never heard of this before but really interested in this, they look a really great quality. Thanks for sharing

  5. These look gorgeous - agree a very professional and quality product! Love that you can upload from Instagram and FB. But agree, would be great to edit in app 👍

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

    1. Yes the app is up and running and I think it's a super idea to upload from Instagram and FB.

  6. What a lovely idea! I need to get better at actually printing out photos.

  7. That is a really good price for the personalised book and looks like a really easy service to use. And father's day is on the horizon! What a perfect gift for dad / grandfather.

  8. I think photo books are a brilliant idea, much better than having a biscuit tin full of snaps (as we use to have) or on a computer or phone and never looked at I just love these and really must take time to design one

  9. It looks like a proper book! I love how they have used thick card so it makes it look more professional.


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