How To Fund A Holiday

Sometimes you just need a break, we all do from time to time. Perhaps things have got on top of us, work has become very busy, family life has become increasingly hectic and it feels like ages since you've been on holiday. Maybe you have had a health scare or a death in the family and you think, 'What is it all for?'

Lots of research has been carried out on how experiences like holidays give you more satisfaction than material objects like new clothes or the latest gadget. Yes you do get that initial buzz but you adapt over time and the excitement soon wears off. A holiday shared with people, with loved ones, connects us to them. Reminiscing about the holiday in years to come, brings smiles and laughter.

What are your favourite holiday memories? When I was a child I remember going camping with my family every Summer to Tenby in West Wales. The weather wasn't always the best as Wales is notorious for the rain. 

One time it rained and rained so hard, but it didn't let us stop having fun. We all piled into the car and went into Tenby to have lunch and do some shopping and exploring. When we returned the tarpaulin on the tents in our field had become uprooted. We were lucky, we just managed to get to our tent before it had the same fate, the tent flapping in the wind and some of our possessions were wet. We laugh about it now, the British are good at laughing in the face of adversity but those type of memories are the things we remember. 

We remember silly things from our holiday memories that bond us as a family. My dad cooking bacon on a camping stove every morning in Tenby for our breakfast, a monkey stealing my ice cream at Penyscynor Wildlife park, visiting Barry Island pleasure park once a year, going on the same rides and having sausage and chips in a little cafe, every time.

Experiences like going to the top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa will last with you forever.

Now I have a family of my own we have made our own holiday memories.  My son remembers his first trip to Orlando to celebrate going up to secondary school as if it was yesterday. The size of the doughnut he had in Universal Studios that was bigger than his hand, getting soaked through on the rides but drying off in an hour as it was so hot and humid and getting stuck on the Dudley Do Right ride, - at the top! 

The time we went to Dubai and ventured to the top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa was incredibly memorable too, the people didn't look as small as ants - the buildings did! Then later watching the sunset go down over the World's only 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. 

As we love to travel, we mark special occasions with big holidays and these holidays do cost money, though. When my son finished his GCSES we went to California to celebrate, when we had our 10th wedding anniversary recently we went on a road trip to New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville.

There are many ways in which you can save for your holidays including putting your spare change in a tin every week, using cashback sites like Quidco and Top Cashback, doing surveys and mystery shopping, and using comparison sites like Trivago and Tripadvisor to get the best deal on accommodation. There are so many things to pay for so all these ways to save money help. When we went to Turkey we had to pay for the Turkey visa requirements for example, and when there are three of you all these costs add up.

Even if you have done all this, you may not have quite enough money for that perfect break. I try and save for my holidays, as I live for my holidays,  but at times it can be hard. Every spare penny goes on funding them and on occasions things do happen which can eat into your savings. A couple of years ago we had problems with our car and every penny went on getting a new one. At times like this, I considered a holiday loan.

Holiday loans are especially useful for a honeymoon, a trip around the world, or going on a road trip. Experiences of a lifetime that can be expensive. A low-interest personal loan can be a very convenient way of paying for this type of trip. 

If you are considering funding a holiday with a personal loan always check the Annual Percentage Rate (A.P.R), the lower the better, and avoid high-interest loans and payday loans. Some companies let you pay the loan off early, without any penalties so you save on interest. It's always a good idea to check for any hidden costs in the legal jargon and read through the terms and conditions carefully. Spreading the cost of that holiday of a lifetime can really help you budget for it.

How do you fund a big holiday? 

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  1. Sadly we haven't had a holiday with just us three. We have always gone with either of our parents but hope we can plan a holiday soon x

  2. Great tips! I think putting a bit aside each month really helps with the expense of a holiday.

  3. We haven't had the chance to go on a big holiday due to money but we have managed to save so we Can go away in November I just made sure When i got money I put some into savings I did this as I have budget for essentials which we stick to.

  4. Some great tips. We're currently saving for a loft conversion so have had a few low cost UK holidays rather than anything big. I can't wait for the day we can jet off somewhere hot!

  5. Some great tips there, we started saving for this years Summer holiday at the end of last year and we've been able to afford it by budgeting our money. Sometimes you have to cut back to make the monthly money stretch a little more :)

  6. We're going on holiday in September, our first in 18 months which doesn't sound much but is to us! We can only afford it because we've made a bit of a profit from our house sale, I have to say a loan isn't something I would ever consider, I'd sooner go without until we could afford it outright. Asking for money/travel vouchers for Christmas and birthdays can help towards it too xx

    1. I think it helps to know that there is that option if you need to.

  7. Great tips. I agree with Hannah, I'd probably go without rather than get a loan or find other ways to raise the funds x

  8. Your first time abroad will always be special. I look back at my first holiday with fantastic memories x