Friday, 6 May 2016

Clinique Blogger Event - Boots Cardiff

Recently I was invited to a Clinique blogger event in Boots Cardiff. This was the first blogger beauty event I have been to, even though I have been blogging nearly four years now so I have to admit I was a bit excited.

Now I am a little bit of a Clinique fan, ever since I tried their Beyond Perfecting foundation last year. What I like about this foundation is that is provides full coverage but doesn't seen to crease or move all day.  In fact I've worn it to the gym before and I look almost as good in it when I finish a work out then before. Considering my oily/combination skin can mean that foundation slips off easily, that is no mean feat. It also doesn't settle into fine lines and wrinkles. I honestly think it's the best foundation I have ever used.

Boots Cardiff display

So onto the event. I turned up just before 6 with about 10 to 15 other bloggers and we were given a warm welcome and taken up the staff entrance to the secret areas of Boots - and yes I can confirm there is a pool table there!

We were taken into a room which was set out with lots of different products. The Clinique beauty consultant Laura was really helpful explaining about the new beauty products and some secret releases that I will tell you about shortly.

She also talked about the famous Clinique 3 step skincare programme. This is a 3 step, 3 minute twice a day regime that's so simple to do. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise and is based on 4 main skin types, with different products for each step, from dry, to combination dry  and combination oily and oily. 

As bloggers we heard about the new products. Firstly Clinique are bringing out Micellar wipes in May and there is a sheer lip glaze coming out in August called Pop Out. I love Micellar wipes so I am really looking forward to this and sheer lip glazes would be perfect for summer, for a wash of colour.

We had a chance to experiment with the products. One product I tested which looks really good is the Superprimer. Now I like to wear foundation every day, my skin is a little patchy and I have some pigmentation. I also have spots in my 40's - go figure! It can be hard to find foundation that has great coverage, so I was really pleased to try Beyond Perfecting foundation by Clinique last year. It really does stay put, and I genuinely wear this every day. This summer though I am going to Florida. If you have ever been in the summer, you will know just how hot and humid it can get, so I decided to buy the Superprimer for my trip. 

On skin the universal Superprimer feels like an extremely light moisturiser and absorbs exceptionally quickly. Clinique do a range of face primers for those suffering with redness to sallowness but the universal one was recommended for me by Laura.  This product will provide a key for the foundation to adhere to and should make the foundation last all day. I will report back when I've tried it.

The other foundation that Laura focused on was the Chubby In The Nude foundation stick. This creamy moisturising foundation is super portable in a stick format and long lasting. It's long wearing, oil free and builds from sheer to moderate coverage. One for me to try! Also contouring sticks are available if you want to get that Kim Kardashian look.

We were given a goody bag with some sample sizes, including a primer (so now I have one for short breaks away), a High Impact mascara and a Chubby Stick lipstick, both products I've used before and can recommend.

Next on my list is the Clinique Sonic System Cleansing Brush - I am hoping it will help with my spots with it's sonic technology it cleans gently but thoroughly.

It was interesting attending this event, often I find events are London based so it was cool having something so local to me. To be able to try out products was great and hear about the new releases too was exciting. Thanks to Clinique at Boots Cardiff for inviting me!

Do you use Clinique products? Would you be interested in trying their skincare or makeup?



  1. I love Clinique! It looks like it was such a great event :)

  2. The Clinique Anti-Blemish Serum is great. It's fairly new x

  3. Sounds like it was a really good event and I have used a Clinique foundation for a few years new and their products are great

    Laura x

  4. Wow you are so lucky!! I'd love to go to a blogger event! I really want to try the cleaning brush too!

    1. I think I may have to buy one as my skin needs it at the moment.

  5. I enjoyed this event and it was great to meet you there. I liked that foundation i tried on, it looked great and went on nicely x

    1. Nice to meet you Hannah! Yes the foundation looked great on you. I think It was the Beyond Perfecting one I use.

  6. Sounds like a brilliant event! Clinique makeup is fab :)

  7. I love their mens range. It's hard finding something that is suitable to sensitive skin like mine so love that this brand works on me well. Glad you had a great time :)


  8. I don't use Clinique any more, though I did used to love their City Block tinted moisturiser as it had a good SPF. These events are such a great way to find out more about a brand, and also to try stuff you might not otherwise have given a go. Tx

  9. I love Clinique! They make some of my favourite products. The Bottom Lash Mascara was a real revelation x

  10. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of clinique, more because they never call out to me other than the lipsticks x

  11. This looks amazing! Wish I could have gone! Loving Clinique at the moment! xx


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