Degustabox April

My food delivery of Degustabox is here again. The monthly subscription food delivery box is perfect when you love to try new things. Every month as you get between 9-14 items, most new to the market and many utterly delicious. Boxes are £12.99 inclusive of postage and you are guaranteed to get much more than that in value.

The box this month had an International theme, with items with an Indian, Mexican, Italian and American influence. It comes in two versions with alcohol and without and they send reviewers both to try.

Nando's Peri-Peri chips RRP: 3 x 69p 

Nando's Peri-Peri Spicy groove potato chips have generous grooves to contain all the flavour.  They give a spicy tasty hit and have a wonderful crunch. I loved the Spicy Chicken especially - a very moorish bag of chips. Recommended.

Kingfisher Beer £2.00

The most popular beer in India, it is clean and crisp and perfect with everything from a mild korma to a spicy vindaloo. In fact it compliments  a range of dishes from all continents. Deservedly popular.

IDRINQ 2 x £1.49

One of the 'new generation' IQ drinks, containing an amino acid call L-arginine. They say "Consumption of arginine-containing food leads to a better performance in physical exercises and sex, and also increases resistance to exhaustion and fatigue." It tastes sweet and fizzy and I like the fact it has no caffeine. 

Scheckters £1.35

A fruity organic energy drink that is 100% natural. Packed full of healthy ingredients like organic elderberry juice, organic ginseng and pomegranate juice it tasted lovely and fruity. We liked this drink!

Wonjo Hibiscus Drink

This health drink is produced from the hibiscus plant and is rich in vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. It can be added to your diet to boost the level of antioxidants. Sweet in flavour this rich ruby drink has no additives or preservatives and is inspired by a traditional recipe from West Africa.
Perhaps an alternative to fizzy drinks for a lunchbox?

Schwartz curry mix 2 x £1.08

These recipe mixes add authentic flavours to family favourites like Korma, Balti and Biryani. From raw ingredients to a homemade curry in as little as 25 minutes, these packets are great to have in your cupboard when you want a quick meal but don't want to compromise on taste.

Debeukelaer Cookies £2.00

A big hit with all the family, these yummy cookies are packed individually for freshness and taste. With a chocolate gooey centre they taste truly indulgent. Add to a packed lunch for a sweet treat, or have with a cuppa for that mid afternoon pick me up.

Kinder Choco-Bons £1.55

Kinder Choco-Bons have a milky chocolate centre and crunchy hazelnut pieces in a little delightful sweet. Yum! These went in no time in our house.

Veetee Rice 2 x £1.49

Veetee rice packs are useful to keep in the cupboard for when you want a nutritious addition to any meal. Heat in the microwave for only a couple of minutes these are great for adding to stir fries too. We ate the spicy Mexican rice with chilli and it was tasty and had a good spy flavour. 

Cirios Tinned Tomatoes £1.69 & £1.20

I always keep tinned tomatoes in the cupboard, as they are easy and convenient to add to curries, pasta sauces, casseroles and stews and I also enjoy them on toast with grated cheese on top. This brand, famous in Italy, are known for quality and taste. 

Barry's Tea £1.75

This tea, an institution in Ireland, is an unique blend passed down through generations. This reminds me of PG Tips and fresh tasting I think this is a perfect breakfast tea.

If you would like to subscribe a Degustabox subscription costs £12.99 per month, inclusive of delivery. The value of the items is usually a lot higher. If you would like a discount of £3 enter code 16LVE into checkout when registering.

You can find Degustabox here:-

Tell me what do you think of the food this month?


  1. Wow you struck absolutely gold with that box! Can't go wrong with those Peri Peri crisps!

  2. Looks like a brilliant box! The Nando crisps look nice :)

  3. That box looks amazing. I keep meaning to look into the degusta boxes... Those crisps look good. :-)

    1. It's a great idea if you are adventurous and like trying new things.

  4. Wow what a fab box! Yum to the peri peri crisps!! The curry mixes i'd love to try too!

    1. A nice idea to add that authentic Indian spice mix to a dish.

  5. Yum. I had a degustabox before and loved it. The crisps looks good, I've seen them before and they are veggie so yay.
    Tea in the Tub

    1. Do you know I didn't check that they are veggie crisps but great news that they are.

  6. Yum. I had a degustabox before and loved it. The crisps looks good, I've seen them before and they are veggie so yay.
    Tea in the Tub

  7. This looks like a good idea. Those Nando's crisps taste awesome x

  8. Oh wow this looks so good!!! What a great selection of products X

    1. It's always interesting to see what I get in a box.