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Opposites Attract: Mixing Modern With Traditional In The Kitchen

In the world of modern design, opposites attract. Blending traditional with contemporary is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the home, and one room that lends itself particularly well to this marrying of styles is the kitchen. If you’re looking to find the perfect balance between present-day function and classic design in the heart of your home, then this simple guide should help. 

Traditional oak cabinets with modern painted doors.

Cabinets and worktops

Solid wood kitchens are the epitome of traditional style. With its natural graining and rustic charm, wood offers a timeless look that can complement a range of interior decors, both old and new. One of the easiest ways to give timber units a modern makeover is by adding worktops with a sleek, clean finish. Natural marble, granite and soapstone provide a striking contrast to classic door profiles and help to bring out the natural warmth of the wood. For an additional up-to-date touch, try adding metal handles.


Oak cabinets with open shelving mixes modern and traditional style

Today, kitchens are so much more than functional rooms used solely for food prep and cooking. More and more people are now transforming them into all-purpose spaces where the whole family can gather and socialise. Adding a central island or relaxing seating area is a great way to provide the flexibility that a modern kitchen needs, while retaining a warm and welcoming feel. 

To make your space more user-friendly, open shelving units offer a stylish and convenient way to keep all your frequently-used essentials on hand. They’re also ideal for displaying all your knickknacks, which can help to bring a lived-in vibe to the room. 

Attention to detail

Modern design is all about sophisticated minimalism, whereas classic styles are characterised by textiles, ornate furniture and trinkets. It takes a keen eye to blend these two disparate looks, and when it comes to decor, the devil is in the detail.

To achieve the best of both worlds, play around with different accents. For example, if your kitchen lacks charm, make the room feel less sterile and more cosy by adding a few vintage pieces, such as a distressed wood table or an antique-style light fitting. Alternatively, if the room needs to be brought into the 21st century, update taps to sleek chrome versions, add stainless steel splashbacks or install roller blinds.   

Get creative with colour

Don’t be fooled into thinking that country-style kitchens have to have a neutral colour palette. A splash of vibrant colour can add visual impact and it looks great when paired with time-honoured materials, such as oak or walnut. Creating a feature wall with bold, patterned wallpaper is another easy way to give the room a contemporary twist. 

A bold colour on a feature wall gives your kitchen a contemporary twist
Image Copywrite Natu - Shutterstock

By following design tips like these, you shouldn’t struggle to create a unique, eclectic look in your kitchen. 

* This is a collaborative post.


  1. I've recently got a new kitchen which is very sleek and modern but I've accessorised with lots of vintage and retro kitchenalia. I think the combination works really well.

  2. I love the little jars they look so cute! Our kitchen is tiny so there isnt a lot we can do with it x

  3. I refreshed my kitchen at the end of last year and have nearly finished the final touches. Simple things like changing the tiles and as you say injecting some colour make such a difference.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    1. Yes, changing the tiles can make a big difference, We painted our tiles in our kitchen, for a cost effective solution.

  4. That's one lovely looking kitchen! Alas, my budget can't stretch to afford such luxury and I have to make do with what I've got (but I did do a crackin' job building some units with scrap wood recently!)

    1. Well done on building your units Elizabeth, I wouldn't know where to start.

  5. OOO pretty , I need to do my kitchen in a year or 2 so thank you for the ideas /

  6. That's a stunning kitchen - we had ours done 4 years ago but its still feels cluttered

    1. I really need a new kitchen. My oven doesn't work, my kitchen cupboard are peeling and my applicances are about 20 years old.

  7. my OCD would go nuts with open cupboards but i must admit i LOVE the rest of the kitchen

    1. Open cupboards are an acquired taste I think, I love to keep everything hidden away myself.


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