Classic Bakewell Tart

A classic Bakewell Tart is a thing of sheer beauty. The crisp light pastry and the soft almond sponge hides a raspberry jam full of flavour. This recipe is easy to make and is a crowd pleaser. 

Serves 6/8


1 Jus Roll shortcrust pastry sheet 
100gm butter
100gm caster sugar
3 medium eggs, beaten
150gm ground almonds
few drops of almond essence
3 tbsp raspberry jam
25gm flaked almonds


Preheat oven to 190degrees C, gas mark 5
Line the pastry case with the pastry and trim as required, crimping edges.
Place in fridge for pastry to rest.
Cream butter and sugar together until soft.
Add egg a little at a time.
If mixture curdles add a table of flour and continue to beat until mixture comes together.
Stir in ground almonds and almond essence.
Remove pastry case from fridge.
Spread jam on base of the pastry.
Spoon the sponge mixture on top of the pastry.
Top with flaked almonds.

Bake for 30 minutes or until sponge is set and springy to touch.
Serve warm with cream or ice cream.


  1. Yuuuuum!!! That looks so good, I want one now. Nice little Friday treat;-)

  2. This recipe looks really nice and simple, thanks for sharing x

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmm delish, its one of my favourite desserts! @msedollyp

  4. This looks delicious but since I'm currently sporting a developing 'podge' I'd better avoid it for a bit ;-(

  5. It looks gorgeous .. I'm trying to be heathy at the moment

  6. I love bakewell tart, so I am definitely trying this! I totally approve of the shameless cheating with the pastry too! ;-)

    1. You can make the pastry from scratch but life is too short!

  7. Oh my goodness, that looks absolutely delicious - I could eat a big slice (or two) with my cup of tea right now!!

  8. This looks delicious. This recipe is now on my 'to try' list.

  9. One of my favourite desserts!!! I haven't actually ever made one but want to now :)