30 Quick Ways To Save Money On Holiday

If you love to travel as much as me, you can appreciate it can get expensive. Over years of planning my own holidays, I have come up with these tried and tested way save money. I hope these help you book the best holiday at the best price and save money where you can.

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1. Book flights as soon as they are released for the cheapest prices. This is usually 11 months in advance, and if you book a midweek flight it can be cheaper too. Even the day you book a flight on can affect the cost, a Tuesday is often the best day in my experience.

2. Use a price comparison site such as Kayak or Skyscanner to compare flights, carriers and prices.

3. Avoid school holidays and national holidays if you can as these are busy times and prices will increase.

4. Take your own food on the flight if none is included. Drinks can be bought past security.


5. Tripadvisor and Trivago are especially good for comparing prices on hotels. Whilst sites such as Groupon, Travelzoo and restaurant.com are brilliant for special offers and deals. Always double check the price with the hotel direct as well as they often have a price guarantee.

6. Check cashback sites such as Quidco and Topcashback which give you money back on a variety of travel such as hotels, flights and car hire.

7. If you are booking with the hotel direct, many have loyalty schemes. You may be able to get free Wi-Fi or parking if you sign up. 

8. If you do not have a hotel rate that includes breakfast, consider taking a walk to a local cafe for a more cost-effective start to the day.

9. Get the mini bar locked in a hotel to avoid temptation for the kids (and you).

10. You may be able to get the contents of the minibar removed. If so buy your own snacks and drinks and use this to keep everything cool.

11. Use home swap schemes for a holiday at a nominal cost or alternatively consider staying in a room in a house. Check out Home Exchange or Airbnb. A hostel or camping is also very cheap ways of holidaying on a budget.

12. If you have even limited self-catering facilities you can save money by cooking for yourself. If you make your own breakfast every day, for example, it can give you considering savings.

Travel Money 

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13. Buy your currency beforehand to get the best rates. Never buy at the airport if you can help it as rates are usually very poor. Travel Money Max is a useful site to compare the best rates.

14. Prepaid travel money cards are useful. It's great for saving as you can top up a bit at a time when you have the money and you can take advantage of the currency rate peaks. My favourites are Fairfx and The Post Office travel money card. 

Food and Drink

15. Ask for tap water in restaurants - most will oblige.

16. Have your main meal at lunchtime as often this is far cheaper than eating in the evening.

17. Alternatively, eat or drink early in the evening to take advantage of local 'Happy Hours' and 'Earlybird' or 'Theatre specials' where a set menu is often at a   special price.

18. Eat local food and drink as imported food is much more expensive.

19. Take a cool bag for picnics out. Just pop to a local baker or supermarket for sandwiches, snacks and drinks.


20. Students, Army personnel and Over 50s can often get a concessionary discount. Take ID on holiday that shows your eligibility.

21. If you are a member of the Automobile Association (the AA) you will have an Arc Europe sign on the back of your card. Check their website for discounts abroad.

22. Before you go, stock up on toiletries and clothes for the trip by using a coupon site like Dealsdaddy and Dealsqueen to save you money. While you are there do like the Americans do and use coupons for discounts on tourist attractions, food and drink. These can often be picked up online and from the local tourist information boards.

23. Consider a sightseeing pass which can save you money if you plan on visiting many attractions.

Getting Around

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24. Be your own tour guide by using guidebooks, tourist apps and maps. Check out this article on the World's 50 Best Travel Apps by Time Out Travel.

25. Take advantage of public transport or walk whenever possible to save money on taxis. If you are staying for a few days check out the local travel cards to save you money on public transport.

26. If you are travelling around a lot and are confident driving consider hiring a car which will be cheaper in the long term than hiring taxis.

27. Also if you are driving plan your trip carefully to avoid toll roads.

Keeping In Touch

28. Ensure your data roaming is off on your phone and take advantage of free wi-fi spots to check emails.

29. If you have an Apple device and free wi-fi consider using FaceTime to keep in touch.

30. Alternatively, Skype can be used and is free, across Macs, PCs and mobile devices.

These are just some of the ways you can save money on holiday. Check out Keen On Travel for more ideas. Let me know if this has been helpful or if you have any advice for my readers. 


  1. A great set of tips! I do find flights can be hit and miss, and depends on the day/time that you search too. I always say, once you've booked a flight, stop looking at prices, because you end up kicking yourself if you see it cheaper!! x

  2. Great tips! We've just discovered Airbnb which will mean we can have an extra week away- it's so difficult to think of all the ways money can be saved so I'll have to use this post as a checklist :)

    1. I only recently signed up to Airbnb myself. Yes there are so many ways in which to save money so I am glad this is useful to you.

  3. What some fantastic tips - I've left my roaming on before it wasn't a good experience whooops! x

    1. My husband had a bad experience with roaming too.

  4. Great tips especially having your main meal early, makes sense with kids. Mine don't eat huge meals anyway.
    My tips: Take medicines with you, paracetamol that type of thing. I wasn't feeling well on my last trip. Paracetamol cost me €7 in Berlin. I was disgusted.

    1. Wow I didn't realise Paracetamol would be so expensive in another country.

  5. Great tips for saving money when planning a holiday. You don't always have to go abroad to have a good holiday. Sometimes it's great to have a local break too.

  6. People always think we're strange as we believe in packed lunches and hot flasks of drink when we're out and about but it saves a fortune!

    1. It can a lot of money. I would balance saving money like this in having a cocktail in a swish bar in the evening. Save to spend on something else :)

  7. Fab tips, I love this post. I always have a prepaid credit card with me when we go on holiday. Thanks ffor linking with #FabulouslyFrugal

  8. Fantastic tips. I always book my travel in advance as it means cheaper fares and I love a bargain x

  9. Great tips lovely, thanks for sharing them! xx

  10. This is such a fantastic list and very very useful.

  11. Great tips! Now I just need to save up for the holiday! ;)

  12. Super tips, I love using Top Cashback. I book our holiday through that every year and it's nice to get some money back to put towards holiday spending. I always grab loads of leaflets too from the tourist info for the 2-4-1 vouchers or money off coupons for attractions.

    1. Top Cashback and Quidco are amazing sites, I use both.