Rockface For Men Review

Rockface is a range of men's skincare products that are developed for men that like to play hard and work hard, men that like to look good but with the minimum of fuss. 

Being an outdoors type of person, my husband already buys this range, in particularly the moisturiser. He windsurfs whatever the weather and knows the importance of taking care of his skin in the British climate, so he was really pleased to be able to try more of the Rockface range.

As you can see above the company makes a wide range of products.

The distinctive Rockface smell is that of apple, bergamot, mandarin and also woody undertones of woody smells and musk.

Rockface Shave Gel – 200ml £4.25
"The ultimate shave gel for a friction-free shave, this gel delivers an extra-thick creamy foam with active cooling and moisturising ingredients."
I used this on my legs and thought the fragrance was very fresh, citrusy but light and not heavy. The gel foamed well with water and gave a smooth shave.

Rockface Post Shave Balm – 100ml £4.99
"This smoothing balm is specially formulated with allantoin and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe skin after shaving." 

Especially good if your skin is prone to irritation as it calms and soothes and the fragrance doesn't clash with aftershave.

Shave Butter - 75ml £4.99
"Containing two of the most nourishing butters in the world, illipe and shea butter, together with coconut and aloe juice, new Rockface Shave Butter takes shaving to a new level, prepping skin, shaving and hydrating, all in one clever shave butter."
This all in one product is very moisturising on the skin, softening and preparing the skin for the shave, then you can use it as a shaving cream, and after rub it in to hydrate the skin. I would compare it to a shave oil but not as oily. My husband really liked this product and felt it performed really well.

Rockface 48 Hour Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray – 150ml £2.99
"Guaranteed protection for up to 48 hours."
We both tried the 48-hour antiperspirant deodorant spray and thought it was really effective. The fragrance isn't overpowering at all, and it keeps you fresh and cool.

Rockface Shower Wash – 200ml £3.95
"A fresh citrus fragranced shower wash to invigorate the body and senses. For hair and body, it's the perfect wakeup call."
Again the light fragrance was pleasant and not overpowering and it was effective in its job cleaning the skin and refreshing. My husband used this instead of shampoo too and when asked how it was on his hair he stated 'It does the job!'.

Rockface All Weather Moisturiser – 100ml £5.49
"A true all-rounder moisturiser with added shea butter to help protect against pollution, guarana to energise the skin and antioxidants to help reduce UV impact.  Smooth onto clean skin."
This is a great product especially for those that work outdoors or do outdoor sports in all weathers, and need that extra TLC for their skin. It is non-greasy, and smooths the skin, comforting calming and nourishing. Great to use on the face after the face and body scrub.

Face and Body Scrub - 150ml £4.99
"The new Rockface Face & Body Scrub might not be made from rock, but it does, in fact, contain a substance more durable than rock - a blend of crushed walnut shells and ground rice to produce this unique multitasking scrub - fine enough to exfoliate your face and rough enough to exfoliate your body."
It is recommended to use the scrub once or twice a week for a really deep clean. I tried this on my chin and nose and it felt like it was really working to get rid of those dead skin cells. 

Active Body Spray - 150ml £3.49
"Rockface Active Body Spray will keep you fresh and invigorated all day long." 
The spray whilst not being a deodorant is great to take to the gym, or keep in the car for those moments when you need to freshen up. Use in conjunction with the deodorant for super freshness.

We both really rated this skincare range and felt the prices are great too. You can buy Rockface products from Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Superdrug and also online from their website.

Let me know - have you seen this range before? What do you think of the products? Would you buy them for the men in your life (or yourself if you are a man)?


  1. My partner would love these, he uses Nivea at the moment but he might get some of these in his stocking for Christmas.

  2. I wish my hubster could use these but his skin's too sensitive but I have to say the Shave Butter sounds fab, I'd use it myself on my legs. x

    Hugs Michelle,

    1. The shave butter is a great all-in-one product, and very versatile.

  3. i like the packaging of the products, i might have to purchase some for my husband!

  4. Gosh, I've never heard of this range. Very reasonable pricing. I love the fragrances used too. I'll look out for them the next time I'm in Sainsbury's. Tx

  5. My husband loves this range and always picks some up when we are in Sainsburys. He is finally taking care of his skin!

  6. My hubby would love the shave butter i,m sure.

  7. The shave butter sounds lovely. I think all of the products would be good for my partner, he'd smell really sexy!!

  8. i would like for my nepew to try face scrub as from my experience I know that the skin will be nice and smooth

    1. I think face scrubs are great for those with problem skin such as teenagers.

  9. for my man @msedollyp x