Make Jewel Street Your Destination This Christmas

I have a lot of jewellery. This comes from owning my own jewellers in the past and obviously blogging about jewellery and fashion. I like to look out for independent designers, with great craftsmanship and uniqueness. So I was interested to find over 250 independent designers together in one place at Jewel Street. It is a browsing mecca for jewellery lovers everywhere!

The Choosing Process

What I loved on first glance is the professionalism of the website. The website is well laid out, the top of the page highlighting the beautiful jewellery, and sections such as Men, Women, Christmas and Browse, with the bottom of the page explaining more such as 'How It Works', and 'As Seen In' being in prominent positions. This is extremely useful for those that haven't shopped with this company before, and it's also nice to read the coverage of the jewellery in different publications.

As an online shopper to a website I have never been to before, I look for security in shopping and the logos on the home page of Verified by Visa, Paypal Verified and Mastercard SecureCode are very reassuring. I also noticed that they are members of the BJA. The BJA or British Jewellery Association is a national trade organisation that supports jewellery companies. If you are wondering why it is important to the consumer, it is that companies have to adhere to a code of a high level of service, business ethics and quality.

To choose two items from their website I clicked on the 'Women' section at the top of the page, then clicked on 'Types Of Jewellery' and 'Earrings'. You can order these in price order which I did as I was looking for earrings under £35 and you can also select the type of earrings so I chose drops. Then I selected the two designs to review below.

The Jewellery

Cavendish French

Cavendish French create stunning and unique silver jewellery for the individual. A unique collection of handcrafted sterling silver and stone set jewellery which is all about style, quality and individuality.

Cavendish French designs have a large boutique on Jewel Street so there are a lot of interesting pieces to choose from. Hearts, flowers, stone set, classic or contemporary there is something for everyone here.

The silver drop earrings I chose are very versatile and can be worn every day or when going out. The beaten effect adds a touch of sparkle when they catch the light and a little bit of glamour without going over the top. Priced at just £30 they would make an excellent Christmas gift for jewellery lovers.

Kali Ma Designs

Kali Ma Designs was created in 1996 by Emma Perkins to bring together a collection of affordable, timeless silver jewellery for women of all ages made with Sterling Silver.

Kali Ma have a small boutique on Jewel Street. What I love about the designs from Kali Ma, is that they are cute and supremely affordable. I chose to pick a pair of drop earrings made from blue chalcedony. These pretty earrings have a fluted bezel setting which adds that extra detail to the earring. The stone is cut in a chequerboard way and the hook design is easy to wear.

When the earrings arrived I was taken by the uniqueness of the stone. On the website, the stone is more opaque than in real life but that is the beauty of natural gemstones, you never know exactly what you are going to get as each stone is unique. Priced just under £20 these make a perfect payday treat for yourself.

In Conclusion

The browsing and choosing process was easy to do and a pleasurable experience. I was also pleased to find out that approximately three-quarters of the sale of an item goes directly to the independent designers. This is actually a lot more than if you bought in many shops.

All items are price matched and you have a 30-day money back guarantee should you change your mind about an item * certain restrictions may apply.

Christmas shopping can be tough, you have to wrap up warm for the weather, then fight the crowds, realise you are so warm you can't breathe, stand in a queue so a 'barista' can make you a cappuccino, then brave the busy roads or overstuffed public transport until you get back to your door. At Jewel Street, you can put your feet up with a homemade latte, and browse all the great designers from the warmth and comfort of your own home. I know what I would choose any day.

Tell me would you shop at Jewel Street? What do you think of the designs I have chosen.


  1. I hate high street shopping so this is perfect for me!

  2. I don't really bother with jewellery but those chalcedony drop earrings are very pretty

  3. I had never heard of Chalcedony, I love the colour!

  4. This actually sounds like a good idea to me. My niece is keen on some earrings for her birthday and I really like those ones from Kali Ma. Think I might pop over, so thank you!

  5. You can also get 10% off your first order!

  6. This sounds great! I hate shopping in jewellery shops but like to buy jewellery as gifts especially this time of year

  7. I don't mind jewellery shopping as long as I have time to browse x

  8. Those top earrings are lovely. I am not good at shopping in stores!

  9. Lovely range and it is good to have the option to buy online and return if you aren't happy with it too :)


  10. I much prefer buying online - it's so much easier x x

  11. I need those kali man earrings - they are gorgeous

  12. I love the top earrings, really pretty!

  13. those first earrings are really pretty x

  14. I would try out this service - it sounds like a useful filter. The Cavedish French earrings are divine.