What To Do In And Around Peterborough

Today's guest post is by Codie Louise Austin from www.codiekinz.co.uk. Codie blogs about life 
 and being a young woman in the North West of the UK.

On the odd occasion the love of my life and I travel down to my home town of Peterborough, I am struck by how a place can seem in the eyes of someone who did not grow up there. My entire life I had been desperate to escape my ‘Paper Town’, and move to somewhere where life was actually happening. During our time ‘down South’ Steven insists we stop to take pictures of endless rolling fields (yawn!) and marvels at thatched cottages (cute, but a total fire hazard!) as if they are one of the several wonders of the world. As much as I mock, I know that I am almost as bad when it comes to his hometown of Southport. The boy grew up by the seaside! I can’t possibly imagine growing up a literal stones throw from the beach (as devoid of actual sand as Southport is) and feel like everyday must have been like the Bank Holiday Monday’s that my family and I drove the 2.5 hours to Mabletherpe - Heaven!

However, as is often the way when you become too used to a place, both Steven and myself seem utterly desensitised by the places we grew up, and quite often, the ‘tourist’ hot spots that everyone else is dying to visit, are places we have never even ventured.

It is for this reason, however, that I am basing a ‘travel’ post, on staying at home. Bare with me here. When I do get to take Steven to the place I grew up, it takes a while to think of anything to do. When I really look though, tourist centre leaflets strewn around me, and I try to see ‘home’ from his point of view, I realise that everywhere has a treasure trove of hidden gems. 

For Peterborough it’s the Cathedral (I spent many a teenage day kissing in the grounds with an acne ridden hormone-machine, but never once actually ventured inside the beautiful building), Ferry Meadows (for bike rides, boating on the lake and fairytale picnics) and Queensgate, the shopping centre that seems to have the exact right shops in for me (Y’know, McDonalds, Thorntons, HMV). 

For Steven’s Southport, my heart gets excited for Splashworld (so many flumes!), Pleasure Land (not what it sounds like - it’s a fairground!), and the infinite amounts of amusements, Ice Cream parlours and buckets and spades! We will both readily admit that until we had to find something interesting to do in our home towns, we didn’t think there was anything to do! So now, we make a special effort, to rediscover the towns just as we would Paris, New York or London. With open eyes and ready minds, to find adventure everywhere - even Peterborough!

So try it this weekend! Try and do the touristy activities that you often actively avoid, and endeavour to enjoy the places you’ve always taken for granted - you don’t have to hop on a plane to find excitement!


  1. A fab read! I love playing tourist in my own home, but then I am fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth (Shetland - a remote island archipelago in the North Sea 200 miles north of Aberdeen. I giggle inside when I see you English folk describe you as living North - waving hello from the real North!) :D #UKbloggers

    1. I bet the Shetland Islands are lovely. I myself live in South Wales whilst Cody lives 'up north'.

  2. great article, sounds like a lovely place to visit!

  3. My friend is always off to Peterborough to the ... footie or rugby ... I'm not into sports so I'm not sure which lmao. She's always complaining that she never has anything to do though so I'm gonna email her this link!!!

    Louise x

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