Why Choose A Lash Certification Class? Tips For A Successful Career In The Beauty Trade

Many people are in constant lookout for part-time jobs for a supplemental income by picking up just a portion of their weekend or hours after work. If you are thinking about this you may have thought about the beauty industry, especially if you are obsessed with hair, makeup and beauty in general. One section of the beauty industry that is growing is the lash industry. Becoming a lash specialist either part-time or full-time could be the job for you. Let's have a look at the reasons why.

Beauty therapy jobs are very popular and flexible as you can work your hours around your home commitments and the need for skilled lash technicians is ever-increasing. Lash extensions are used to accentuate the natural lashes and cut time in the morning for wake-up and go routines and a lash certification can be a great addition to your beauty skills.  So why should you choose a lash certification class?

This post covers everything from lash certification classes, their benefits, the potential to escalate your financial growth, and much more.

A Constantly Growing Industry

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, most industries were severely impacted the restrictions on freedom such as lockdowns. However, this did not seemingly impact the beauty industry as much as other industries. As detailed by Transparency Market Research, there are countless number of factors that keeps the beauty industry thriving. Besides the fact that the trends in the lash industry come and go, false and extended lashes have always stayed in style especially when it comes to special events such as fashion shows, weddings and special events. For that reason, there’s a constant need for skilled lash technicians. To stay ahead of the curve, there’s a need to expand your skill set and this can be done by taking a lash extension class.

Be Your Own Boss

According to surveys, 29 per cent of all the business people in the beauty industry in the US are self-employed. For most others looking to enter the lash application market, this is a reachable goal. In fact, more than 70% of lash technicians globally are self-employed. The reason for this is that the space and the supplies including eyelash shampoo needed for this business are small compared directly to other services such as retail and health services. With the online certification and additional salon license, you can become your own boss at a relevantly low starting cost. If you become a mobile beautician and treat people in their own homes it will have a lower start-up cost too. 

Flexible Schedule

With flexible online beauty classes, you can learn the skills you need around at a time to suit you. Once you are qualified and especially if you are self-employed, you can always book clients for your lash business when you have availability. Additionally, you can choose a split schedule in case you want to pick up kids from school or take an afternoon siesta.  It does not matter whether you want to make a lash career as a part-time or a full-time job, you can switch between the two depending on your availability.

Fast Schooling

Becoming a lash extension technician unlike other related careers is quick and easy to master. While many jurisdictions in the US require lash technicians to acquire a cosmetology license, you can get started with only 38 hours of schooling. 

It's a career worth thinking about if you love the beauty industry.

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