Garden Centre Gifts For Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and affection, and what better way to express your feelings than with gifts inspired by the beauty of nature? A garden centre offers a delightful array of options beyond the traditional bouquet of flowers and chocolates, and one such garden centre is the family-run Beetham Nurseries in Cumbria. Lucky for you, they have a great online shop so let me show you some of the fabulous gardening gifts your loved one will appreciate this Valentine's Day. This post is a collaboration with Beetham Nurseries. 

Romantic Roses

Wildeve English Shrub Rose £30

Of course, no Valentine's Day would be complete without roses. Visit a garden centre and explore a variety of rose bushes in different colours and fragrances. Choose a romantic red for classic appeal or opt for a unique hue that holds special meaning for you and your partner. Planting a rose bush together can be a symbolic and lasting gesture of your love. Beetham Nursery sells a gorgeous Wildeve English Shrub Rose in a beautiful pastel pink which I think is beautiful. 

Wool Picnic Blanket

picnic blanket

Wildflower Recycled Wool Picnic Blanket £115

If your partner appreciates romantic gestures then what about a soft wool picnic blanket? Perfect for those al fresco moments where you pack some bread, ham, fruit and a flask of hot tea and go for a drive in the country or to the seaside.  There is nothing nicer than sitting together looking at a beautiful view and having a picnic with the one you love. The Wildflower recycled wool picnic blanket above is a great gift from Beetham Nursery for those romantic al fresco picnics.

gin glasses
Mila Clear Gin Glass £17.95

If your partner is a gin and tonic lover, then why not consider these beautiful elegant gin glasses? Combining expert craftsmanship with a striking etched glass design and sustainability being made with recycled glass, these pretty glasses are ideal for an after-work drink on your patio or for a gin and tonic together after a romantic meal. It's a lovely gift that will outlast a box of chocolates. 

apple tree

Fruit-Bearing Trees Various Prices

Opt for a gift that keeps on giving by selecting a fruit-bearing tree. 
Unlike traditional flowers that wither away, a fruit tree symbolises a lasting connection, growing and thriving just like your relationship. Whether it's a dwarf apple tree, a citrus tree, or a berry bush, your loved one can enjoy the literal fruits of your gift for years to come. Just be sure there is enough space in their garden first!


The Lakes Gin Liqueur £27

For the gin connoisseur, the Lakes gin liqueurs make a lovely change. From zesty rhubarb and rosehip, the subtle taste of wild elderflower, and the sharpness of pink grapefruit, Lakes gin liqueurs are refreshingly different. Perfect when served straight over ice or with a favourite mixer, she will certainly appreciate a bottle of these luxurious gins.

poetry book

A Nature Poem For Every Day Of The Year £18.99

For poetry lovers, the  "365 Poems for Every Day of the Year" book, is a delightful collection featuring a unique poem for each day, artfully woven with a continuous seasonal theme spanning spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Drawing inspiration from renowned poets like Keats, Dickinson, and Wordsworth, as well as hidden gems from lesser-known poets, this book captures the essence of the natural world as it evolves through the changing seasons. It makes an exceptional gift for anyone who appreciates the harmony of nature and the art of poetry.

As you can see Beetham Nurseries have a wide variety of lovely gifts as well as garden supplies.  From the timeless beauty of roses to the exquisite gin glasses, the website has a range of gifts for everyone on Valentine's Day. Why don't you check it out and let me know your favourite gift?


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