7 Budget-Friendly Pergola Sitting Ideas

If you buy a pergola, you can probably come up with all kinds of things to do with it. You can have barbecues, game nights, or romantic date nights there. Pergolas can also add resale value to your home.

You can stop by https://theluxurypergola.com/ if you want to check out some pergolas in your price range. Once you’ve settled on one, though, you’ll need to think about what kind of seating you should have. Let’s talk about some of the better options you might consider.


A Swing

Installing a swing beneath your pergola feels like the height of comfort. You can usually suspend one from the pergola’s roof with very little effort. Then, you can relax on your swing and read a book or sit and snuggle with your spouse or significant other under a blanket on chilly nights.

A Table And Chairs For Game Night

You might also set up some folding chairs and a small table for game nights under the pergola. Consider a table that seats four people around it comfortably. You might play some classic board games with friends, family members, or neighbours. What’s nice about this setup is that it’s easy to fold up the chairs and remove the table once you’re done for the evening.

A Fire Pit Setup

Installing a fire pit with some chairs around it is another popular way to go, though it’s a bit more expensive. This way, you can start a fire in the pit and sit around it on cold evenings deep into the fall. You might roast some marshmallows or tell ghost stories.

A Long Table for Meals

Setting up a longer table with chairs all around it is another option. These longer tables are usually ones that you can add an extra section to by expanding the middle. This would be suitable for a wedding reception, a Thanksgiving dinner, or a graduation party.

The Cosy Nook Idea

You may decide to go with a larger hammock covered with throw pillows. You can read or cuddle with your cat or dog there. This kind of setup is also perfect if you like to take pictures of your finished home improvement projects to post on social media. Think about how good your cosy nook will look on Instagram.

A Couch And Loveseat Setup

You might go with a couch and loveseat along with a TV if you want to watch sports or movies beneath your pergola. You should only do this if you’re certain your pergola’s roof will protect the furniture underneath it from the elements, though. You won’t be happy if it rains or snows on your couch or loveseat’s upholstery.

Some Overstuffed Armchairs

A couple of overstuffed armchairs is another option. You can set them up for watching TV or reading. You may choose to get some with a bottom section that swings out so you can put your feet up while you’re relaxing.

All of these options should be on your radar.

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