Memorial Jewellery: What Type Is Best For Me?

When we think of memorial jewellery, we tend to think of a necklace or a bracelet, but there are many more options than that. The sheer number of choices is one of the brilliant things about it. Each family member can find something that will suit their own personal style. There are many different types of memorial jewellery, and it is very much down to individual taste to decide which is the best for you.

All of the memorial jewellery at Ashes with Art is absolutely stunning and made by true craftspeople using traditional methods as far as possible. They have their own artisan workshop where all the work takes place. They also have a dedicated team of staff who understand that the majority of their clientele have suffered a recent bereavement and respond accordingly.

Memorial Rings

Memorial rings are one of the most popular forms of memorial jewellery amongst men. This is because they are understated and can be worn without really having to explain what they are. This fits with the idea that men are less likely to want to talk openly about their grief, though this may be slowly changing over the years.

There is a stereotype that men need to be stoic and there to comfort other people when a loved one dies. Wearing a memorial ring can give men the room and the opportunity to do their own introspection and to handle their grief in a way that feels natural to them.

Memorial Necklaces

Necklaces made with the ashes of loved ones are extremely popular amongst women. The idea that they can have something so close to their heart all of the time is an appealing one, and many appreciate the sentimental aspect of this. If you want to feel especially close to the person that you have lost, then this is one of the best ways to do that.

Being able to feel something that is imbued with their essence as a constant presence in your life can be reassuring and can really help in the initial stages of grief and bereavement. It is all really difficult in the initial stages of bereavement, but it is also hard afterwards. When the crowds of people from the funeral have gone home, and you have the house to yourself once more, it can be hard to know how to continue.

When other people's attention has moved on, you can still draw comfort from your necklace when the times are the darkest and think about the good memories with them. It is subtle enough that you can wear it for a long time and not be asked questions about it, though it may actually help you to talk about your grief.

Memorial Bracelets

The bracelets produced by Ashes with Art are lovely. Like all of the other jewellery in the range, they come with a range of different options for the kind of precious metal they are made from and the gemstones that are used in their crafting.

Choose from silver, rose gold yellow gold and white gold, as well as platinum. On top of that, you also get to choose between 9ct and 18ct gold, if gold is your choice. Each item is hallmarked with the unique Ashes with Art maker's mark.

Bracelets are the good middle ground between a necklace and a ring. They reposition themselves when your arm moves, so you are reminded of their presence, and this can be something that helps to remind you of your dearly departed,

Memorial Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a great gift for a man who attends many formal functions, and they can just as quickly be memorial cufflinks infused with ash. They are always really stylish and go well with either a dress suit or a kilt, depending on your family background and heritage.

This is ideal for those who want to go with the subtle memorial and remember their loved ones in a way that feels easy and natural for them. Not everything has to be ostentatious and fancy. Grieving isn't about who has the biggest, flashiest jewels. It is about the love you have for the person who has died.

Memorial Earrings

Much like the cufflinks for men, these memorial earrings are perfect for women who want to be a little more subtle in how they approach their grief. It can feel good to know that you have something to remember your loved one by that most people would have no idea about. It can feel good to get questioned about it and to relate and reiterate your love for the person you are missing. Don't be afraid to let that out when you need to, and do what you can to navigate the bereavement period safely and gently.

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