What To Leave Out For Santa On Christmas Eve

As the magical night of Christmas Eve approaches, families around the world are busy preparing for the arrival of Santa Claus. One beloved tradition that has stood the test of time is leaving out a special treat for the jolly old man in the red suit. While the classic milk and cookies or mince pies combo is a timeless choice, there are countless ways to make Santa's midnight snack even more memorable. In this guide, I'll explore some creative and festive ideas for what to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve inspired by the website The Modern Milkman.

Classic Milk And Cookies Or Mince Pies

Christmas cookies

Let's start with the classic that never goes out of style – a cold glass of milk and a plate of warm, freshly baked cookies or mince pies. The tradition of leaving milk and cookies or mince pies for Santa dates back decades, and it's a surefire way to keep him energized on his long night of gift-giving. Get the whole family involved in baking a variety of cookies, from chocolate chip to gingerbread, and arrange them on a festive plate. If you don't have time then buy the best luxury mince pies you can afford, after all, Santa is a man who loves his sweet treats, so consider adding these to your Christmas Eve plate for Santa.

Sweet And Savory Snack Platter

Give Santa a break from the sweet treats by preparing a well-rounded snack platter. Include sweet and savoury items like cheese and crackers, sliced fruit, and mini pastries. This diverse spread will provide Santa with a variety of flavours to enjoy as he makes his way around the world. Don't forget to add a note expressing gratitude for his hard work and spreading holiday cheer. 

Reindeer Treats For The Road

While Santa is enjoying his snack inside, let's remember his trusty reindeer waiting outside. Leave a separate plate filled with reindeer treats like carrots, apples, or raisins. These goodies will replenish the reindeer's energy and ensure they have the strength to carry Santa to the next destination. Consider adding a sprinkle of magic reindeer dust (glitter) for an extra festive touch. 

Hot Cocoa And Marshmallow Madness

hot chocolate

For a twist on the traditional milk, why not leave Santa a steaming mug of rich hot cocoa? Add a handful of marshmallows for an extra touch of sweetness and warmth. Consider sitting down with the kids and getting them to leave out a cute note encouraging Santa to take a moment to savour the cosy drink while resting his weary feet. This delightful treat is sure to bring a smile to Santa's face. 

Santa's Sippin' Station

Upgrade the classic milk offering by creating a "Sippin' Station" for Santa. Include a selection of flavoured milk – chocolate, strawberry, or even eggnog – along with a variety of fun straws, or why not leave a glass of wine for Santa or a drop of Port. If you're considering leaving alcohol for Santa, it aligns with your family's traditions and values, and there are no concerns about the message it may send to children, then it can be a lighthearted and creative addition to your holiday celebrations.


As Christmas Eve approaches, the excitement of welcoming Santa into our homes reaches a fever pitch. Taking the time to prepare a special treat for the man of the hour adds an extra layer of joy to the holiday season. Whether you stick with the classic milk and cookies or get creative with a hot cocoa bar or snack platter, the key is to infuse your offering with love and festive spirit. 

So you don't forget, why not set up a sweet treats delivery so you can remember the big man. Also, it's good to remember that the magic of Christmas lies not only in the presents under the tree but also in the joy of giving and the warmth of family traditions. So, this Christmas Eve, make sure to leave out a treat that will leave Santa with a full heart and a satisfied belly as he continues his journey around the world.


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  1. Reading this is making me feel so excited for Christmas. It's never as enchanting as it is when we were kids though!