Ensuring Child Safety: Securing Furniture in Kids' Bedrooms

The safety of children within our homes often goes overlooked, yet it's imperative to address potential hazards, particularly concerning furniture. Surprisingly, furniture toppling poses a significant risk to children, leading to injuries and, tragically, even fatalities.

A study highlighted in the Injury Epidemiology Journal revealed alarming statistics about tip-over accidents involving children under 18. Startlingly, a considerable portion of these incidents involved children under the age of six, emphasizing the vulnerability of young ones to these dangers.


The study meticulously categorized various furniture types contributing to injuries. Clothing storage units (CSUs) like dressers, trunks, wardrobes, and similar pieces with drawers or hinged doors were identified as potential hazards. Additionally, furniture items such as nightstands, desks, entertainment centres, and bookshelves were identified as posing risks due to their potential for toppling over if climbed upon.

Notably, the risk isn't confined to tall furniture; even wider pieces could pose threats if they contain drawers or shelves that children might use as footholds.

Tragically, incidents like these have led to devastating outcomes. In response to incidents involving their MALM chests and drawers resulting in the deaths of children, IKEA took action, offering free wall-anchoring kits. However, while initiatives like this help, guidance on securing furniture to walls often overlook materials like plasterboard or hollow drywalls.

Furniture Plasterboard Fixings

Enter GeeFix, a revolutionary solution born from the expertise of a seasoned plumbing and heating engineer with over four decades of experience. Faced with the limitations of existing cavity wall fixings, this innovator sought to create a reliable solution for securely installing heavy items on plasterboard or hollow walls.

GeeFix stands as the most robust and versatile option available, addressing the concerns of mounting heavy furniture securely. Its adaptability extends to various materials like plasterboard, insulated plasterboard, and even traditional materials like lath & plaster or wattle & daub. With GeeFix, the assurance of a secure installation is guaranteed, offering peace of mind in safeguarding against potential furniture accidents.

Ensuring child safety at home involves not just recognizing the risks but also employing reliable solutions like GeeFix to prevent tragedies caused by furniture toppling.

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