Charming European Cities To Discover This Winter

Europe looks magical in the winter, and this is why the cold season is one of the best times to discover this fantastic destination. While numerous travellers start to research faraway islands and tropical beaches at this time of the year, summer temperatures can't compete with the charming Christmas markets and snow-dusted cobblestones of European cities.

Additionally, most European cities are more inexpensive and crowd-free during winter so you can explore the destination better. You will have plenty of Christmas markets to experience in Europe and admire all the decorations. Seriously, does something sound better than a mug of hot chocolate in one of the most popular cafes in France or Belgium?

So, if you are looking for new destinations to discover this winter, here are some good ideas you will surely enjoy.


Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is one of Europe's best-preserved mediaeval cities and a bewitching place, particularly in the holiday season. The gingerbread-style houses, cobbled streets and horse-drawn carriages will make you feel like you are taking part in a romantic Christmas film, especially if snow is in the picture. Bruges covered with snow looks like a true winter wonderland, so you will have the best time here.

The beautiful architecture is not the only thing you must not miss in this place, as you have undoubtedly heard a lot about Belgian chocolate, known everywhere in the world for a good reason. If you taste it, you will see that the rich and creamy taste and the silky smooth texture will be addictively delicious. And if you love chocolate, Bruges is the best place to be, as here you will find Belgian chocolate shops everywhere. Also, you need to try hot chocolate in this location. The Old Chocolate House is famous among locals and tourists for the best hot chocolate in the city, so make sure you visit it.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is for sure one of the most charming cities in Europe, no matter the season. But there is something special about the Austrian capital in the winter when you can listen to classical holiday concerts, double down on Sachertorte and hot chocolate and take pictures of the St. Charles Church and Schönbrunn Palace, covered in snow. Although Vienna can get quite chilly in the winter, you will fall in love with the city this season.

Vienna is a place visited by tourists from everywhere in Europe and not only. And we can see why this happens, as the Austrian capital looks fantastic decorated with Christmas lights and the flights are also short from many important airports. For example, a flight from Heathrow Airport to Vienna takes only 2 hours and it will be a pity not to visit it, even if it is just for a quick getaway. So, Vienna might be an excellent idea if you are a Londoner looking for a great location to discover this winter. For a smooth experience, it will be good to secure a spot at the airport parking Heathrow so you can leave your car securely and enjoy the charming Austrian capital.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn overflows with charm in the winter, thanks to the lovely location on the Baltic Sea, and its turreted castles. Tallinn is home to one of Europe's best-preserved historical buildings and centres, with numerous merchant houses and mediaeval churches falling under UNESCO protection. You will see the most beautiful views over the city from Toompea Castle, especially if the town is under a layer of snow. Tallinn in winter means fresh, crisp air filled with snowflakes, twinkling lights, and silhouettes of stunning Gothic architecture. This location is one of Europe's most charming fairytale cities, which is why it must be on each travel bouquet list.
Nuremberg, Germany

Germany is known worldwide for its Christmas markets, and Christkindlesmarkt from Nuremberg proves why this country is a great destination to visit during winter. This city is home to one of the oldest Christmas markets, and it is recognized as a winter wonderland with mediaeval architecture, twinkling lights, and warming food and drinks.

Here, you need to try some local delicacies, like the popular Nuremberg Lebkuchen, a gingerbread cookie made of honey, nuts and spices, the Nuremberg Bratwurst, which are tiny sausages served with mustard, and the Schoco Banana.

London, UK

Christmas in London will always have a timeless appeal with all the lively pubs, lovely decorations, and a dash of Dickensian charm. Here, you can go ice skating at Somerset House and then warm up with an afternoon tea and plenty of museum visits. Your trip from London can continue further to other stunning cities of the country, like Manchester, Bath and Cambridge, to admire the impossibly charming streets and be amazed by the beautiful decorations. If you want to expand your journey further in the country and find some good places to park your car securely at one of the London airports, you can check the services of Parkos. In this way, you can discover the magic of winter in other cities without worrying about your car's safety.

Paris, France

Paris is always an excellent idea, and during the cold season, it is an even better idea. The City of Light is impressively charming in winter and becomes dazzling with all the over-the-top Christmas displays and twinkle lights on the Champs-Elysees. Of course, we can't forget to mention the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, which can get quite crowded in this period of the year. So, if you come here in winter, make sure you wear a warm and chic winter coat as it can get quite cold.

Budapest, Hungary

Winter is a great time to visit Budapest, as you can see beautiful landscapes throughout the city. The town might get a little colder, but the Hungarian capital has a special charm in winter. You have plenty of attractions to see outdoors that will amaze you. And for sure, those unique museums, grand cafes and thermal baths will become even more welcoming after spending many chilly hours wandering around the city.

Are you ready to explore some charming European cities?

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