Accessorising Swimwear: How to Style Your Beach Look with Jewellery

Men’s swimwear has come a long way from the speedos or basketball shirts that come up soaking. Nowadays, it’s a whole fashion market in its own right. Whether you are matching colours with a polo shirt or mixing patterns, it can be confusing to the ordinary guy to know how to put his look together for the beach, a yacht ride, or water sports. And to complicate matters, you need to consider how to accessorise. We took a dive into how the rich and famous are doing it and came up with some surprising finds. Read on to find out more and amp up your style.

Rule Number One

Regardless of what shape you are in, the first rule is that your trunks should fit perfectly. There should be no danger of losing your shorts somewhere in the ocean. Some people, like Cristiano Ronaldo, can get away with the miniest of mini trunks, in hot pink, no less. But with a perfect body like his, what can I say.

Rule number two has got to be that the length should always come to above your knees. Other than that, some like to show a bit of thigh muscle for the perfect look. However, this is a matter of preference.

Quality Of Accessories

man by pool

Many accessories cannot withstand chlorine in swimming pools or the salty water of the sea. And unless you want to look like you’re morphing into a crustacean, anything that has turned green is out. If you have some jewellery that you never take off, perhaps because it has sentimental value, you will want to think carefully about wearing anything to the beach that will tarnish in the water. Anything with plating can wear away, exposing the lower layers to the elements. Brass can be brought back to its proper condition, but you don’t want to do this too often if you want the piece to last.

The best choices for jewellery are items made of sterling silver, platinum, and gold. Make sure that clasps are tight and will not come undone easily, causing the piece to fall to the ocean floor. Less is also more when it comes to pairing jewellery with swimming trunks.

How The Rich And Famous Accessorise

man in shorts

This may come as something of a surprise, but with a look at the top 30 rich and famous who got the look right, most of them were photographed wearing nothing more than swimming trunks, perhaps with a towel flung over their shoulders. No doubt, most of them took off their dark glasses for the shoot, but otherwise very little jewellery was in evidence.

Justin Bieber looked magnificent in men’s tailored swim shorts with just a belly ring to contrast with his upper body tattoos. Jason Derulo kept it even simpler with a single earring. It just goes to show that the trunks are the main theme.

Tats are a great decoration that look great with well-fitted swimming shorts. Jason Momoa did this well with a simple armband on the arm opposite his forearm tattoo. Harry Styles opted for a pendant necklace with striped short length trunks.

If you follow the rules, keep the accessories simple, and focus on the swimming shorts, you won’t go wrong.

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