5 Ways You Can Use Your Outdoor Pergola to Entertain Your Guests

Having a pergola in the backyard adds a lot of elegance and style to an outdoor space. Not only do they look great, but they also provide plenty of entertainment opportunities - from hosting parties to watching the stars on a warm summer night. Here are five creative ways a person may use an outdoor pergola to entertain guests.

Have A Dinner Party Under the Stars


Imagine the perfect summer evening: the sun sets, the temperature is just right, and so is the company. What better way to enhance this experience than by hosting a dinner party under the stars in your backyard.

With an outdoor pergola, a person is able to have the perfect setting for this magical event. Add fairy lights, comfortable chairs, and a delicious meal to make a night that guests will remember for a long time. A pergola 12 x 16 can easily fit up to 20 guests around the dinner table. This makes outdoor entertaining a breeze.

Throw A Pool Party

A pergola provides much-needed shade in the sweltering heat and gives people a perfect spot to set up some tables, chairs, and, of course, a bar area. As the guests splash around in the pool, they may play host from the pergola's comfort, serving refreshing drinks and tasty snacks.

With some mood lighting, music, and good company, a pool party will surely be a hit that guests will never forget. With a set-up like this, a person may even set up some board games or activities for guests to enjoy between their swimming sessions. This will keep everyone entertained and having a great time throughout the day.

Host A Movie Night

Bringing the theatre experience right into the backyard is easy with an outdoor pergola. All a person needs are a few chairs, a projector screen, and of course, the classic bowl of popcorn. A person may even use this setup to host an outdoor movie night for friends or family perfect for any occasion.

A person can turn their backyard into a summer cinema in no time. With a pergola, they have plenty of space to set up rows of chairs and enough room for everyone to get comfortable.

Have a Game Night

Invite the whole family and some close friends for an outdoor gaming night. With enough space to set up multiple tables, a pergola can host various games - from classic card games to modern board games like Monopoly.

If a person feels adventurous, they may even have a karaoke night in an outdoor pergola. With enough space to set up the microphone and speaker systems, people can enjoy singing and playing music with the guests.

Host an Outdoor Yoga Class

The outdoors is the perfect place for yoga especially with a pergola. Set up some yoga mats underneath the shade of the structure, and have the perfect setting for a peaceful and relaxing class.

Whether it's a beginner, intermediate or advanced level class, that outdoor yoga class will surely be a hit with guests. With the calming sound of nature around them and the pleasant shade of the pergola, everyone can find their inner bliss in no time.

Outdoor pergolas are a great way to bring people together and entertain guests. With the right setup, it's possible to create a backyard oasis full of fun and memories that their family and friends will cherish for years. Whether it's dinner parties under the stars, pool parties, movie nights, game nights or yoga classes. With an outdoor pergola, the possibilities are endless.

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