Top Tips For Teaching Your Child To Read

Raising a child comes with many exciting experiences, as well as milestones that create heartfelt memories. From taking their first steps to saying their first word, it is clear that parents have their hands full when it comes to helping their little one grow. Teaching your child to read is something that crops up in this journey, and is an exciting moment in their educational journey. In fact, literary skills are what help empower them to gain the ability to explore new experiences through books and foster a lifelong love for learning. As a parent, you play a crucial role in nurturing this vital skill. Keep reading for some top tips for teaching your child to read, as advised by this nursery in North London.

Begin with phonics


The first step to teaching your child to read is laying the foundation with phonics. Phonics is an important step to teaching reading, as it focuses on the relationship between sounds and letters. Start by introducing basic phonetic sounds, and the letters of the alphabet that correspond with them. Gradually, you can progress onto more complex words and sounds, as your child becomes more confident. Engage in interactive activities that will make this task more enjoyable, such as phonics games or songs.

Read together

mother child reading

Once your child has gathered the basics, the next step is to help them get used to the act of reading itself. Reading out loud with your child is one of the most effective ways to foster a love for reading, and develop their reading skills too. Make sure you choose age-appropriate books that align with their interests and ensure that their imagination is engaged. Really dedicate yourself to helping your child, by setting aside some reading time each day, such as before bedtime, or during quiet moments in the day. This routine will not only enhance their reading abilities but also strengthen your bond with your little one.

Teaching your child to read is definitely something that won’t happen overnight, however, with patience and some effort, you can ensure your child gains this great life skill in no time.

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