6 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Pearl Jewellery

Even though costume jewellery has its place, every woman should have a time in her life when she wears fine pearls. With pearls, you have numerous opportunities to create a magnificently feminine and glamorous feel that transcends any crystalline gemstone extracted from the earth.

Here are the six best reasons why you should purchase pearl jewellery:


Pearl Jewellery is known for its longevity and remains valuable from generation to generation

Pearls are categorised as "fine jewellery," similar to emeralds, ruby, diamonds and sapphires. This differentiates them from semi-precious gemstones like topaz, amethyst and opal, which lack intrinsic value.

Pearls are the ultimate expression of feminine and ageless beauty. They are graceful, radiant, and enchanting. They have long been regarded as the utmost embodiment of power, grandeur, and authority, from romantic stories to the world-famous La Peregrina pearl.

High-quality pearls have rich nacre that causes an iridescence and lustre
, which makes them highly desirable. While buying Tahitian pearls, the nacre and surface quality is particularly vital. Being composed of bead nuclei, the durability of the pearls depends on how thick the nacre is.

For instance, a poor-quality freshwater strand might feel light in your hands. It might not even seem like genuine pearls in some situations. This is due to how light the pearl nacre is. The beads alone make up most of the weight that you feel. Superior-quality pearls can last for many generations with the proper maintenance and care.

Pearls have high appeal and always remain in style

Pearl jewellery can be worn in a variety of ways. For instance, a beautiful Tahitian pearl necklace can easily give your outfit a dash of elegance. It can be interesting and effective to layer pearl necklaces and create depth and shine to your look. Pearl earrings are among the most wearable fashion items and are great for all occasions.

For formal events, wedding ceremonies, and special occasions, elegant Tahitian pearl jewellery adds an exciting touch to your outfit, making it a perfect showstopper.

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Each piece tells a story

Your jewellery collection symbolises the cycle of your life. Each item has a narrative to tell. It's nice to slowly add jewellery items to your collection as time passes to create special moments in your life.

Pearl Jewellery has a high sentimental value

There aren't a lot of things that evoke a sentimental or emotional attachment as pearl jewellery. As a gift, it has the power to unite families and loved ones. Pearl jewellery is one of the unique ways to express affection and love. 

Pearls are known as the traditional gift for a thirtieth wedding anniversary. They are associated with June birthdays. However, waiting for a specific event to adorn your outfit with beautiful pearl jewellery is unnecessary.

Pearl jewellery is versatile and can be styled in a contemporary or classic way. The secret is using your sense of imagination. Whether you are a new pearl shopper or already have a nice collectable item, pearl jewellery has a timeless look that will be treasured by your loved ones for generations.

Pearls are an eco-friendly option

Some gemstones undergo a very expensive extraction and mining process, which has a negative impact on the environment.  On the other hand, the pearl farming industry is low-tech and labour-intensive, creating employment and boosting the economy of coastal areas.

Pearl oysters thrive in unpolluted, clean water rich in oxygen and minerals. This means keeping the ocean clean is important for the pearl industry to succeed. Thus, pearls are excellent options for eco-conscious people because they beautify your appearance without negatively impacting the environment.

Pearls always fit perfectly with your outfit

When buying new clothes, you may find a dress you like only to realise the colour isn't the best for you or it isn't the right size. On the other hand, pearl stud earrings can look perfect in all skin tones, and if you want to stand out, opt for a black Tahitian pearl.

With all these good reasons to purchase pearl jewellery, the only issue is choosing a lovely piece. If you'd like to buy pearls online, Robert Wan’s modern and timeless luxury jewellery collection incorporates only the finest quality pearls, and we offer excellent value for your money.

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