The Importance Of Pastoral Care In Schools

School attainment goes beyond what happens in the classroom, and there are various factors that can affect a child’s education, such as things going on at home, their mental health and friendship groups. So, as well as being experts on their own subject areas, teachers are trained to look out for any changes in behaviour and keep a general eye on their overall wellbeing and are there to offer support. This is known as pastoral care which is there to ensure the emotional and physical welfare of all pupils. 

teacher and children in classroom

There are a few different systems that carry out this function; house systems, school mentors and form tutors. This post is in collaboration with a private school in Ireland and highlights the significance of each area.

School Houses

The school house system in the UK originates from early boarding schools where children belonged to a set house. Now it is adopted in a slightly different way by schools all over to promote teamwork, teach children about healthy competition and make them feel a part of the school community. They are put into houses at the start of school, and this is the team that they will be able to represent in sports tournaments and other school games.

Form Tutors

They will also be allocated a set teacher for registration who they can go to if they’re having any problems. As they will see them every day, they will be able to keep a close eye on your child and see how they are doing.

School Mentors

Children can be paired with a mentor to help them with confidence, raise their aspirations, address any behaviour issues and work alongside them one on one. They will work closely with your child to help them through any difficulties they are having and will be able to hopefully get them on track.

*Collaborative post

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