7 Trendy Sunglasses To Wear For A Beach Vacation

Planning to hop on the beach this weekend? Well, don’t forget to stuff some fashionable and stylish sunglasses for women in your bag. These are gorgeous yet minimalist accessories that reflect a profound fashion effect. Apart from being extremely classy and stylish, these glasses act as a frontline warrior and protect you against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

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To be honest, beach weekends are meant to be happening- sunglasses are a must to boost your style game. Available in different colours and styles, these glasses are no less than a worthy possession. If you find yourself in a dilemma while choosing the right kinds of women's sunglasses, we are there to have your back. Below, you can check out some of the trendy eyewear options that tie up your look together. Jazz up your appearance without going through a major pocket pinch- these sunglasses are quite affordable! 

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized glasses frames for ladies are considered to be vintage- pair them with big headphones and baggy-street style clothes and look absolutely dope. Looking bold yet subtle has never been easier before. Suitable for rectangle, heart, oval, diamond and oblong face shapes, these glasses are pure love. Cherry on the top, oversized sunnies are lightweight in nature; carrying them isn’t a huge deal. What are you waiting for? It’s time to channel your inner hipster with these oversized sunglasses.

Round Sunglasses

Choose both style and comfort with these fashionable round sunglasses and slay. Let’s admit it- round sunnies were never less fashionable. Famous personality John Lennon used to don these pairs like a pro. If you are looking for maximum coverage on a sunny day, all you need to do is opt for polarised sunglasses and that’s it. Exclusively curated with premium materials, these glasses deserve a quick infusion in your wardrobe. 

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Ruling the eyewear industry forever, these cat-eye sunglasses are the best. Sophisticated details, pretty designs and top-notch comfort make these beauties a statement piece in no time. You can browse through the internet and explore the different options- thus choosing the one that suits your style. The best part about these sunnies is that they look awesome in every kind of face shape. Trust me- you are going to have your best time with these sunnies on. 

Geometric Sunglasses

Do you want to add some edge to your face? Put on these geometric sunglasses and that’s it. These quirky and fun pairs well-equipped with a touch of retro styling are to die for. Pull up your socks and enjoy maximum coverage and premium comfort without breaking the bank. While round and square-shaped sunnies might look mainstream to you, these pairs with pointed edges are definitely worth an investment. 

Clear Sunglasses

Travel the exotic locations and protect your eyes by putting on these clear sunnies. Combine them with patterned clothes and trendy footwear and voila- you are all set to steal the show. Clear sunglasses are simple and don't overshadow your other noticeable features at all. Turn heads, move ahead. Tortoise-Shell Sunglasses

Tortoise-shell sunglasses are way too famous. These are nothing but trendy pieces that add an instant flair to your everyday look. Grab a fierce appearance and stand out among the huge pack with utmost ease. These alluring and sober shades are enough to make you look ‘hawt’. People with square, round, rectangle, oblong and heart-shaped faces can easily boost their style game by putting on these tortoise-shell sunnies. 

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are iconic and classic- put them on and evolve as a showstopper quite instantly. Carefully designed for pilots in the 1930s, these glasses tend to take your style to a whole new level. Their timeless design and slender finish steal hearts- that’s a fact that can’t be denied at all.

These are some of the hot women’s sunglasses- you can always consider buying them without giving them any second thoughts. However, you might feel confused while opting for the lens colour, am I right? Don’t worry, let’s sort out that part as well.

Sunglass Lens Colours

Brown Lenses

You can choose these brown lenses since they offer in-depth perception and visual contrast. Also, these types of lenses suit sunny and bright environments in the best possible manner. The warm and red hues present in these lenses safeguard you from harmful blue light as well. If you are up for some activities like driving, golfing and sailing, rely on these brown lenses with your eyes closed. 

Grey Lenses

These are the most popular choices that tend to offer a clear vision on cloudy as well as sunny days. Also, grey is excellent when protection against glare is considered. Opt for tennis, cycling, hiking, water sports and driving- make sure to put on sunnies with grey lenses in the first place. Say ‘nay’ to eye fatigue, thus keeping your eye health right on point. 

Green Lenses

Green lenses offer a combined function of both brown and grey lenses. They ensure to provide better contrast than grey lenses and higher colour perception than brown ones. Grab a comfortable and clear vision with these green lenses without any further delay. 

Pink or Red Lenses

With these pink or red lenses, you can now boost contrast levels in foggy or overcast conditions. Apart from that, these types of lenses are preferred for providing enhanced driving visibility and excellent depth perception. If you are a gamer who is into watersports and winter sports, stuff sunglasses with pink or red lenses in your wardrobe now. 

Blue Lenses

The fashion-forward crowd love sunglasses with blue lenses. They are absolutely great when reducing glare in wet and snowy conditions is taken into account. Besides that, blue lenses improve colour perception and enhance contours. Whether you are spending your time on the slopes or golf course, these blue lenses will make sure to enhance your vision and look seamlessly.

Now, it’s time for you to perform some basic research and grab the best picks. To all the wonderful women out there, the summer months are knocking at the door. Explore the official website of Specscart- you won’t regret it for sure. Without any further ado, shop now!

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