Jobs That Can Be Done Anywhere In The World

Having a career where you can work from home used to be a dream for many people. The drive to work from home where you don’t have to commute to an office was once just a concept.

working from home

Thanks to technology, now more than ever there is a plethora of career paths you can go down, where you can operate completely remotely.


Every successful business needs an accountant, but not every business needs one that’s in the office 24/7. Accounting is a solid profession that can be done completely from home, anywhere in the world!


Do you think you have a knack for writing? Maybe you’ve got a particularly friendly tone or even a corporate one. Copywriters are needed in all walks of life, and they can also come from all walks of life, so long as they’re native speaker of the required language.

Social Media Manager

Social media is something that most new companies are adapting to tap into millennials and gen Z. Social media managers only need a working computer, and a steady internet connection and they can work from anywhere.

SEO Specialist

No site can expect to organically grow without at least a bit of SEO. Much like social media, an SEO specialist is a tool that you need to have in your toolbox for any successful marketing strategy. If you’re an avid traveller, you can balance that with an SEO career with the right client.


Times are changing, and therapists no longer need to be face to face to run consultations. You can now (if qualified) be a therapist completely online, provided you have the means to be able to do so.

Virtual Assistant

Similar to a traditional personal assistant, a virtual assistant simply helps a business run more smoothly, without having to be in an office. Often virtual assistants work flexible hours, helping reply to emails, scheduling calls and updating calendars. An easygoing option for those who don’t want something too mentally taxing.

Web Designer

If you’re artistic and know how to code, you could be a web designer and enjoy the world of remote work, too. Web designers can work from anywhere in the world, and is a valid career path for both 9-5ers and entrepreneurs.


Despite the plethora of platforms now making it possible to mentor people online, the very best mentors take matters into their own hands. Mentors can work from wherever in the world, which makes sense. Say you have a mentor who’s an eccentric businessman, it only makes sense that they can work from home.

Customer Support Assistant

We’ve all been there, you call your local UK business’ customer service and have an American customer service agent. This is because most customer service is actually outsourced, and a big portion of those agents are working from home.

Voice Over Artist

voice over

If you’ve got a knack for the spoken word, a home studio and a track record of experience. You could enjoy a remote working life as a voice over artist. Voice overs rarely, if ever, have to go into a studio to record, and enjoy a life of remotely recording projects with many interesting clients.

Data Entry Clark

For those who want a simple job that pays the bills, data entry professionals are also able to work from home. Again, provided they have a stable internet connection and a working computer.

Video Editor

Videos are needed for all sorts of purposes, be it for a corporate video, music video or even for a YouTube content calendar. Video editing is something that can be done remotely, and only requires some editing software and a computer with decent RAM.

Jobs You Can Do Remotely

There are a plethora of professions you can do remotely, with some of them easier to attain than others. With the right drive, you can easily secure yourself a job where you won’t need to worry about an early morning commute again!

This is a guest post written by the Voicebooking team, a voice over agency located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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